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Will Scooters Ever Officially Be Included In The X Games?

Posted on: July 26th, 2013 by Pulse No Comments

X Games ScootersThe exclusion of scooters in the X Games has been bemoaned by scooter enthusiasts everywhere. With every other urban sport under the sun having been included in the X Games, scooters have yet to be officially included. The X-Games is a sporting event that happens every year that has a winter and summer section, and is for extreme sports. It’s highly popular with a younger demographic and has launched the careers of many young athletes.

The X Games was founded in 1995, and since then has only grown in popularity and influence, giving urban athletes a goal to aspire to compete in the games and receive sponsorship support. The talk of scooters getting into X Games has actually been controversial for quite some time, with people arguing both sides of the story. By “scootering” being included in the X Games it would give the athletes an unprecedented amount of exposure and financial incentives to continue working in the sport that they love.

Scooter Buzz

In 2012 there was a lot of buzz that that scooters would be officially included in the X Games. Especially amongst scooterers, there was a lot of chatter on the social networks that it was in the works to be officially included. But, unfortunately, it didn’t happen, and there were many opinions given about why they haven’t. Some of the opinions included have been that said “scootering” as a sport is still too young to be established.

But others have argued that the tricks people do on performance scooters is equivalent to the skill-level and achievement done in any other sport in the X Games. Due to the skill-level of the participants, many people seem confident, however, that eventually scooters will be included, and it’s only a matter of time, due to the growing number of competitions based around scootering.

The Top Riders

However, to currently check out top riders the Xfest scooter competition is where the best and brightest currently show off their skills. Started in 2012, and sponsored by Scoot Magazine, scooters were a major draw when the scooterists competed. It was a major opportunity for both amateur and pro athletes to compete and hone their skills in front of an audience. They were even able to use a scooter park to perform their impressive array of tricks.

It’s pretty amazing what kids can do when combining their imagination and athleticism. There have also been some other events supporting scooter competitions. There was one in the 2007 Planet X Games in Melbourne, Australia. And there has even been a formation of the American Freestyle Scooter Association (AFSA), which is a strong step towards the sport demanding and receiving legitimacy. Scooterers, themselves, are starting to want more recognition for their sport.

A Very Talented Group

There are a very talented group of scooter freestylers active today and they would undoubtedly bring more excitement and athleticism to the X Games. The creativity of their moves is undeniable. Skilled athletes like these deserve to have a forum like the X Games to showcase their skills and abilities. The sport has been growing at a rapid pace, and the talented number of practitioners only continues to grow. Scootering has received a lot of positive buzz and only continues to gain more fans.

The current level of talent and innovation being shown off is at a really high-level and will only get better as more kids get a hold of scooters. Scooters are relatively easy and affordable to purchase. And like many urban sports, because of this accessibility kids from all walks of life can continue to improve their craft. It seems only inevitable that scooters will become an official part of the X Games.

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