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What Happened To Exercise?

Posted on: March 19th, 2013 by Pulse 1 Comment

In today’s day and age it is difficult to get our children to exercise.  There is so much competition with the television programs, the video games and other activities that children are presented with.  Exercise seems to take a back seat to all of these different activities.

What Happened To ExerciseThere has to be a way to get them to exercise, and the slither scooter is one such way.  There are many ways to incorporate physical activity into your children’s daily routine, and a scooter would certainly increase the level of physical activity that they were taking and increase the level of fun that they were having.

Another way to have them exercise is to allow them to use the Pulse Slither as a mode of transportation.  Getting to and from locations is slightly more difficult when you are younger.  To be honest, it was a major achievement to get where the destination was when we were all children.

It was a means of expressing a level of independence and truly gave us the feeling that we were able to accomplish the goals that we were set out to accomplish.  The physical activity was more of a side note, but it was something that was always taken into account when any of us were thinking of getting somewhere.

Reflecting back on the times of youth, it seemed that exercise was always involved.  There was always a better place to be, and it was going to take some time to get there because of the bike, slither scooter or skateboard that was being used to reach the ultimate goal of getting where we wanted to be.  Today however, it seems that the priorities have changed and there are many more video games than there are ways to get around for kids.


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