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Complete Parts Guide And Maintenance Tips For Scooters

Posted on: August 15th, 2014 by Pulse

Scooters are somewhat simple and straightforward in how they’re designed.   But an appreciation of the parts and how everything comes together is an important part of appreciating how to make sure everything stays in great condition so you’re scooter can continue to give you space to do tricks safely.

The parts that should all be there for a decent scooter:

electric scooter parts

               1 deck – what you stand on when riding. It includes the headtube that holds the bar, and the axle. So basically, the deck holds everything together, just like the frame of a bicycle.

1 fork – this connects the wheels and the steering tube. Two-piece forks will break down faster, and aluminum will be lighter then steel, which is easier for performing tricks, but less durable.

1 steering tube and handlebar– for steering. The bar’s width should be around the length of your shoulders, and go with something narrower for technical spins, something wider for no-hands tricks in the air.  The height of the tube should be low (up to your thighs and hip), to allow for better stability and control.

1 headset – a small but significant connecting piece that goes between the deck and the tube, enabling it to spin around freely and give you flexibility of movement.

One of several types of compression systems – a series of bolts and clamps that connect everything together, and keep things from going slack and remaining tight and easy to control.

2 grips – rough rubber that goes over each of the handlebars, to give your hands a firmer grasp and more control over how you steer.

2 wheels – each of which will also need bearings, spacers, and bolts to hold it into the deck firmly.  Flat profile wheels are better for getting a strong grip, and narrow profile wheels are better for speed.

Breaks – That can either be a foot break attached to the deck over the back wheel, or hand breaks attached to the handlebars.


In light of all this, some ways to keep your scooter working well over time:

1)    When performing a flip or other trick, land with your weight evenly on the deck, so that parts of the deck don’t take on excess weight and wear out faster.  Especially avoid landing too much on the front, as this can mess up the headset, bar, and fork.

2)    Every time before you ride, check the spacing between the tube, headset, and fork. If things are too loose, adjust and tighten them. Otherwise the scooter could be both dangerous to ride and likely to break down.

3)    Be careful to make sure the wheels’ bearings are completely aligned with the core (the wheel center), so everything moves together like it’s designed.

4)    Keep bearings lubricated often, to prevent the wheels from melting. Oil will gives a higher speed then grease, but grease needs to be applied less often.  Water removes all lubrication, so reapply if things ever get wet.

5)    In general, pay attention to all the parts, and replace with an identical match once they get worn down or loose smoothness of movement.

6)    When thinking about your options for parts (such as aluminum verses steel, or solid or hollow core wheels), remember that things that weight less will make tricks easier, but also decrease durability, so they’ll have to be replaced more often.

5 innovative Ways to Use a Go-Pro Camera

Posted on: July 9th, 2014 by Pulse

Go-Pro Camera

The Go-Pro Camera is small, lightweight, durable, mostly waterproof, and has the ability to capture amazing video and still photography. With accessories to mount the camera to you, your bike, or anything else, it is the go-to camera for adventurers and extreme sport fanatics looking to capture amazing footage. With the options available with the Go-Pro camera, you are only limited by your imagination in how to use the camera. Here are five innovative ways that go beyond just mounting your camera to your helmet to capture your mountain bike or skateboarding tricks to help inspire you on your next project.

Capture what it Feels like to Fly

With a Go-Pro camera, you can easily mount it to something in order to see what it would be like to fly. You could attach the camera to a balloon, a remote helicopter, or other toys or gadgets that easily fly in the air. If you want an even bigger show, attach it to a model rocket and send it flying up into space and see what you can capture. Just be sure to protect it safe, or else you might end up losing the footage you created. You can capture amazing aerial views, as well as have an idea of what it must feel like to be a bird.

Walk a day in an Animal’s World

With the Go-Pro, you can attach it to an animal and see what they see in their day. Many people have done this to their dogs. You can easily attach it to the collar and see what happens. However, you could also try to attach it to a docile wild animal to see what their life in the wild is like. You will want to protect your camera, and you will want to find an animal that will allow you to attach the camera without hurting you. You will capture what life is really like in the animal kingdom, away from humans.

A Real Behind the Music Video

You can attach your camera to the inside of a musical instrument for a really unique experience. Some instruments, such as a piano, have intricate insides that move while you play. By attaching the camera to the inside of the instrument, you can get a unique perspective of the music being played. You can also place the camera on your instrument to capture the surroundings for an interesting perspective during a concert.

A Day in the Life of an Appliance

Have you ever wondered what is like inside your washing machine or dishwasher? With your Go-Pro camera, you can find out. You just have to make sure you protect it from the water and heat before you use it. You can mount it in your appliance, or you can just let it run freely for a surreal experience. You can do the same for any household appliance, or any other appliance or tools, such as a lawn mower.

Capturing the Big Breakers

Many people use their Go-Pro cameras to capture themselves surfing, including the wave breaks. However, not many people are able to capture the big, dangerous surf. However, you can mount your camera to a remote boat or something else that floats and send it out into the dangerous surf to capture some amazing waves, without any danger to you. Just beware that there is a high risk of actually losing your camera to the ocean depths.

With a Go-Pro camera, you have the ability to capture pictures and videos unlike anything else. Because it is so compact and durable, you can attach it to anything to try to capture something unique. It only takes imagination, and possibly some minor risks including possibly losing or breaking the camera, to create truly innovative footage.

photo credit: Eleazar Lazaro