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UK To Put On Scootfest 2014

Posted on: August 22nd, 2014 by Pulse


Scootfest 2014 is set to take place over two weekends in August in the U.K. Scootfest is an annual event celebrating the sport of scootering. The 2014 event launches a brand new multi-site event taking place over two weekends that provides a variety of events for the scooter fans in the U.K. This year’s event also includes the 2014 ISA World Championship competition. This is the second year that Scootfest hosts the ISA World Championships.

What is Scootfest?

Scootfest is an annual event celebrating the sport of freestyle scootering in the UK. It takes palce over a weekend and features competitions for amateurs and professionals alike. It also provides opportunities for people of all ages and skill levels to try out the sport on impressive skate parks. There is also music and other activities for scooter enthusiasts to enjoy between competitions.

Two Sites, Two Weekends

This year, the activities of Scootfest are spread out in two weekends in two different locations. This provides the opportunity for more people to come to the event, and for twice the entertainment for those who can make both. The first weekend of Scootfest 2014, called Scootfest North, will be held at Rampworx in Liverpool on the 9th and 10th of August.

The second weekend, Scootfest South, takes place the following weekend, the 16th and 17th of August, at Rush Skate Park in Stroud. Both events feature events for all age groups and skill levels, but they have different focuses and unique opportunities, making them two separate and distinct events. People can choose to only go to one, or they can enjoy attending both and still feel they have experienced something different.

Scootfest North

Rampworx Skatepark features 70,000 square feet of ramps, providing the perfect setting for Scootfest North. One of the main highlights of the weekend will be the UK Championships, which provides a space for the best of the British Isles to compete for a place in the ISA World Championships.

There will also be a superstar lie-up of 12 of the biggest names competing for the International Best Trick, including Dakota Schuetz (two time world champion) and Lewis Williams (current European Champion). Everyone can enjoy riding in the Scootfest Am Jam, including children. There will be a dedicated kids ramp build especially for the weekend that will be free to use for small children and beginners.

Scootfest South

Rush skate park is a brand-new park featuring five parks in one, and there will be two additional parks added for the event. The park has Street Plaza, Park section, Bowl, Resi jump box and foam pit, and a dirt park. It is the only park like it in the UK, and for the event Scootfest is adding the Scootfest G Ramp and Kids Park. The main event at Scootfest South this year is the ISA World Championships, which will have 50 of the best professionals vying for the title.

There will also be International Streets Sessions competition, and an Am Jam for all riders to enjoy. The Scootfest South will be similar to the original Scootfests, featuring a Scooter Trade Village, music, and offsite camping. This year, there will be a Parent’s Lounge, providing a comfortable place for the parents to relax while their kids enjoy the festivities.

Scootfest 2014 promises to impart an exciting and entertaining event for visitors and competitors alike. Scooter enthusiasts can enjoy watching the elite competitions, potentially learning a few new tricks. Amateurs can compete in the Am Jam, providing them with the chance to be spotted and turn pro. Even beginners can compete in the event, allowing them to feel the excitement of competition. All ages and skill levels can easily find some activity to enjoy during the event.
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