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Twelve Year Old Scooter Stunt Rider Goes Pro

Posted on: June 19th, 2013 by Pulse No Comments

Dante HutchinsonDante Hutchinson will compete in European stunt riding championships after just signing a professional deal as a scooter stunt rider.  At just 12 years old he has impressed crowds and judges alike with his complex scooter tricks and skills beyond his age at extreme sports competitions.  Team Lucky noticed his ability and decided to sign him onto their professional team.  Hutchinson rides his kick scooter 12 hours a day training to become the best rider that he can be and his hard work has finally paid off.  The American Team Lucky offered him a full sponsorship and he is the first rider from the UK to represent them in the scooter championships.

It is always impressive for a young kid to take their hobby seriously enough to become a professional.   For someone that young it takes both a natural ability and a lot of hard work to be signed as a pro.  He focused on what mattered most to him and made it into a career at only twelve years old.  Most people would not think of scooters as anything more than a toy but for kids with natural talent and enough discipline it can become their road to success.

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