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Top Freestyle Scooter Riders

Posted on: March 1st, 2014 by Pulse


In the world of freestyle and extreme sports, it seems that new trends and ways to seek thrills and show off skills are constantly emerging. Often, these trends emerge when athletes find new and exciting ways to move about. This was certainly the case with the advent of professional skating, as well as surfing and BMX riding.

It seems that the latest sport to enjoy growing popularity and respect in the athletic community is freestyle scootering. Freestyle scootering is a rapidly expanding sport that riders are gaining interest in by the drones, possibly because of the fact that it is a very accessible sport that combines some of the best that sports like skating and BMX have to offer. Who, then, are the stars of this new and emerging sport?

Ryan Williams

After rising to fame as one of the star’s of the MTV show “Nitro Circus,” Williams has cemented his place as one of the most well known and respected riders in the sport. Known for his daring and inventive tricks. Williams, who often goes by the nickname “Mr. World’s First,” and “The Daredevil,” is a regular on the many national tours that the Nitro Circus embarks on.

In addition to featuring Williams and his incredible scootering skills, the Nitro Circus Tour features extreme athletes from all walks of life, taking part in jaw dropping and awe inspiring stunts like those never been seen before.

Mike Montgomery

A rider for Lucky Pro, Montgomery is known for his ability to perform incredible tricks on every day areas, such as staircases or railways, or other urban settings that may previously have been reserved for skateboarders. Montgomery’s style is flashy and constantly groundbreaking, and he combines the air time commonly found in big air BMX events with the impressive dexterity and agility of a pro skater.

Montgomery’s videos are among the most popular in the scootering community, and he remains one of the sport’s most highly respected athletes.

Dakota Schuetz

Like many of his scootering contemporaries, Dakota has risen to incredible scootering fame by releasing wildly popular scootering content online. Something of a youtube celebrity, Dakota has enjoyed a huge fan base because of the impressive skills that he brings to the sport of scooter riding.

Dakota tends to rank very highly in competitions, a fact that may very well be attributed to his excellent ability to work as a technical rider and to land even very challenging moves on a regular basis.

An Exciting Time For Freestyle Scootering

As the athletic field of freestyle scootering continues to grow in both depth and popularity, more and more breakout stars are continuing to emerge. The use of the internet has proved highly effective in allowing the work of some of the sport’s brightest athletes to shine.

The success of tours like the Nitro Circus Tour has shown that there is a huge audience and demand for exciting sports like freestyle scootering, and as the audience grows, so will the number of opportunities available to take in live scootering events across the country.

Freestyle Scootering And The X Games

One sign that the stars of freestyle scootering are headed towards even greater success is that the sport my very well be headed for the X Games soon. Many extreme sports enthusiasts have been clamoring to have scootering events included at the X Games, and for the past two years, scooter riders have had a significant presence there in demo areas.

Many of the stars of scootering are looking forward to a long and interesting career in the latest of the extreme and freestyle sports.

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