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Top 5 Extreme Scooter Videos

Posted on: June 12th, 2014 by Pulse
1. Scooter Freestyle – World’s Best Freestyle Riders
This compilation video is a perfect example of the large number of tricks that street riders can do on a number of varying surfaces. The video features many of the biggest names in freestyle riding, including Dakota Schuetz, a rider who is sponsored by Lucky Pro Scooters. This video features plenty of “old classic” tricks, including an Oreo whip, which describes the trick that riders do when they jump switch on the edge of their deck.
2. Extreme Scootering “Skaterbarn”
This video is awesome because it is shows some of the ways in which extreme scootering and extreme scooter tricks can be done in half pipes and indoor facilities that may have originally been built for skateboarding. The sport of extreme scootering has long developed side by side with both skating and BMX biking, and in this video, there are some great examples of tricks that are borrowed from biking and skating, including a backflip tail whip.
3. Scooter Xtreme Tour 2012
No collection of scooter or skate videos is complete without one that features some impressive wipe outs. The Scooter Xtreme team certainly showcases plenty of well executed tricks here, which are landed beautifully, but it’s also fun to watch some of their less than perfect moments at the top of this video. This footage is well shot and features a good variety of different terrains a and different types of tricks.
4. Extreme Scooter Tricks
This video is a fun watch for anyone trying to expand their repertoire of tricks. The tricks are impressive and feature both flatland and park riding tricks. While this video is a fun watch in and of itself, and the riders are certainly skilled, many of the tricks performed could be learned by an amateur rider and this video can be great inspiration to those looking for a new trick to challenge themselves with.
5. Billy Watts Unused Scooter Footage
This heart racing video includes plenty of exciting airborne moments and jaw-dropping stunts from perennial favorite Billy Watts. The video is well edited and moves at almost as fast a pace as Watts himself. It is nice to see some lesser known footage from Watts, who continues to be one of the sport’s most interesting athletes to watch.

It seems clear that the sport of freestyle scootering will continue to grow and give way to more and more star athletes. Many of today’s rising stars are impressing fans at demos and conventions, and a number of skate parks are starting to be just as populated with scooter riders as they are with skateboarders. The culture of scooter riding is continuing to expand to include riders of all ages and backgrounds, and videos like these offer seasoned vets and new fans alike the chance to discover new athletes as well as new tricks that they aspire to learn how to do. More and more riders are innovating the sport and more camera people are excited about shooting them.

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