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Transportation Problems? Think Outside The Box

Posted on: October 10th, 2013 by Pulse No Comments

Transportation Problems Think Outside The Box

Everyone is always trying to figure out the cheapest and greenest ways to get around. Using a car should realistically only be used when someone needs to travel many miles away. Even if someone owns a car, looking into carpool options is a creative way to find alternative forms of transportation.

The many reasons for driving less include decreasing the amount of pollution being emitted into the air, and motivating a sedentary society to get up and be active. Obesity has been called one of the biggest health problems facing society today, and just by finding alternative forms of transportation, this issue can be effectively combated.

Joining A Carpool
Carpools are growing in popularity and are encouraged in an effort to cut down on the horrendous traffic that occurs on congested freeways – there are even lanes reserved for carpools. Nowadays there are also websites where someone can sign up to join a local carpool. This can be particularly useful for someone who doesn’t own a car. By joining a carpool he can meet some new people, help the environment, and find transportation to get where he needs to be.

Riding A Scooter

Riding a scooter has become increasingly popular. Nowadays, in cities throughout the United States, kids can be seen everywhere riding their scooters. They are a cheap and fun way to get around quickly. Easy to use, they are also not only for kids. With adults looking to drive less and get around faster, scooters can often be seen being used by adults as an alternative form of transportation. Scooters are especially useful when someone just wants to travel a mile or two, and wants to find a quicker way to get around than just walking.

Around since the seventies, skateboarding has become a phenomenon in terms of urban sports. But what it also has done is introduce a new form of urban transportation to young kids. Kids on skateboards have become a ubiquitous part of the urban landscape. But, again, skateboarding isn’t just for kids. Even if it means thinking outside of the box a little bit, skateboarding can be a fun way to get around. Part of skateboarding is learning how to navigate urban landscapes, so they are a form of transportation custom-made for the city.

While rollerblading may not be as common as it once was, it’s still a very viable form of alternative transportation. Learning how to rollerblade is easy and is also another fun way to get exercise that’s different than the norm. There are usually bike paths a long many streets, and someone could easily choose to Rollerblade on the same path to travel to their next destination.

As simple as it may be, running or walking somewhere can be a great form of transportation. Studies have shown that people’s health can be drastically improved just by walking forty minutes a day. This walking can be used towards running errands or going to meet a friend. For people who feel up to the challenge, they can even start running as a form of free transportation,

And lastly, one of the most common forms of transportation is biking. Biking has become increasingly popular in urban settings, with people young and old taking seriously biking both as a form of transportation and as a long-distance sport. Biking has become so popular that cities now take into consideration bikers when laying out road plans. It has almost become as popular as driving as a regular form of transportation.

While all of these options might not be for some people, at least one should be viable as an alternative form of transportation. Once people realize how many other ways besides driving there are to get around they can take full advantage of their options.

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