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The History Of Scooters [INFOGRAPHIC]

Posted on: May 8th, 2013 by Pulse No Comments

The History Of Scooters


The History Of Scooters

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Some of the earliest models of kick scooters have inspired the new generation scooters you see today. Scooters took a dip in popularity for a while as other modes of self-transportation like the bicycle received more public demand. It wasn’t until Wim Ouboter saw a need for a kick scooter because his one of his sister’s leg was shorter than the other and she had trouble riding a bike. He took the original idea and created a much sturdier version. Today, scooters have been making their comeback with both kids and adults. You can see kids shredding it up at the skate park and adults whizzing through city traffic on their way to work on their scooters. Read more about the history of scooters and other fun facts!

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