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Ted McCaffery Wins Pride of Britain Award After Completing Mini-Triathlon

Posted on: October 27th, 2014 by Pulse


Ted McCaffery is a brave little boy, who has become an inspiration to the people of Britain. McCaffery is one of those people who has had to face very adverse circumstances from a very early age, but has still been able to maintain a positive and admirable attitude. He’s only six years old, but has already faced enough medical problems to last a lifetime.

He was born with a heart murmur that has only caused progressively worse medical problems for him. Several years ago, in late 2012, Ted found out that he was going to have under go an invasive surgery on his aortic valve to save his life. His parents were heartbroken, because it was a dangerous and invasive surgery, especially on someone so young.

Beating The Odds

Ted McCaffery has been beating the odds his entire life, and he emerged victorious again after undergoing a successful surgery. But instead of feelings sorry for himself, Ted vowed that after he was recovered from the surgery he would help raise funds to help other people who suffer from the same issues. He decided to compete in a mini-triathlon to help raise money for his cause.

Although the triathlon was grueling, especially for a child who just underwent a six-hour heart surgery, he finished the triathlon and raised the funds that he wanted. To complete the triathlon successfully Ted had to ride a scooter, a bike, and run even while being thoroughly exhausted.

Benefits Of Marathons

While taking part in the triathlon Ted McCaffery’s mother worried that she shouldn’t have allowed him to do such a strenuous endeavor.  But Ted showed the determination that has helped him overcome his physical problems, and he finished the marathon. Showing maturity far beyond his age, he also became a children’s ambassador, which seems to be something that he would excel at, given his genuine desire to help children who are suffering from physical maladies.

It’s also fortunate that Ted’s mother allowed him to take part in the marathon, because otherwise Ted wouldn’t  have been able to achieve his goals. Marathons  have many benefits such as:

  • Encouraging people to push themselves beyond their normal limits
  • Boosting confidence
  • Mental clarity
  • Inspiring others

People who complete marathons take pride in themselves, and have the belief that they can reach whatever goals they set for themselves. Ted proved to himself and others that he wouldn’t allow his heart condition to hold him back from achieving what he wants in life. He gained confidence and mental strength by taking part in a triathlon.

Ted Was Rewarded For His Efforts

Ted’s heroic efforts have not gone unnoticed.  He won the Pride of Britain award from LIDL for his fundraising efforts. In his short six years, Ted has already achieved many admirable goals in his life. Hopefully his surgery will be a long-term success, and he can focus solely on fundraising and helping others, instead of constantly being in the hospital. He shows no signs of slowing down, while still working as a child ambassador and even starting his own social media campaign.

People like Ted help shed awareness about health issues that may otherwise be overlooked, and by doing this funds and donations can be raised to help the children who do suffer from the issues. It’s also great when someone like Ted is so active, because due to his youth and firsthand experience, he can provide a window into the issue like no one else can. Ted can speak for other children, who may not have the resources to spread awareness about their issue. He is also social media savvy, and has used that to solicit donations like teddy bears for other children.


photo credit: pabak sarkar via photopin cc

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