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Teaching a Child to Ride a Scooter

Posted on: June 24th, 2013 by Pulse No Comments

Teaching A Child How To Ride A ScooterWhen young children are first starting to figure out how to ride a scooter it may take some time to get the basics down.  If they haven’t had much experience with balancing that can be a struggle as they take their first kick scooters out to ride on the sidewalk.  Make sure to give your child some direction so that they don’t get frustrated or get hurt.

Aside from learning the basic skills they also need to be safe especially in the first stages of learning.  The first thing to impart to your child is that they should always wear a helmet and possibly knees and elbow pads if it seems necessary.  Learning a new skill means they are likely to fall and without protective gear they can get seriously injured.

They should also start out with their freestyle scooter on flat and smooth pavement because bumps and cracks can cause them to fall.  A smoother ride will help them build confidence and stay safe until they become more experienced.

Once your child can balance on the scooter it is time for them to start pushing forward with one foot on the board and the other on the ground.  When they get the hang of pushing and moving on the scooter they can try balancing with both feet on the board.  Make sure that they go slowly at first because trying to start off too fast could mean that they have a bad fall and end up getting frustrated.

As they begin riding forward slowly on their scooter they can gain speed and momentum and start riding around the block.  Eventually when they have more experience you can take them to a skate park where they can start learning to do their first tricks on the scooter and be around more experienced riders. Connect on Facebook with Pulse Scooters.

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