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Getting Good on Your Kick Scooter

Posted on: June 11th, 2013 by Pulse No Comments

Kick Scooter TipsWhen you buy a new scooter, you’ll realize that it doesn’t take long to learn the basics and ride around the block.  Eventually you might want to take it further and start doing some tricks at a local skate park.  Plenty of skate parks allow kick scooters now that they are growing more popular and became a sport equal to that of skateboarding.  When you are ready to start learning the next level of scooter riding you should think about what kind of gear you have.  Do you have good quality scooter accessories like nice wheels that will hold up when you start doing tricks?  Buying better gear might make things easier in the long run as you make progress.

Look into some of the common beginner scooter tricks like the bunnyhop which is just a small jump similar to doing an Ollie on a skateboard.  Once you can Ollie you can start experimenting with turning the handlebars in midair or grinding on rails and curbs. It can be easy to master the basic beginner tricks on your own when you are riding your scooter but the more advanced tricks can take some time.  It might help to watch other people at the skate park that have more experience or even ask someone for tips.

You can get ideas for tricks by looking at what people are doing at parks or in videos online.  It always helps to watch pro scooter riders and see how they do things.  If you feel like you are getting the hang of freestyle scooter tricks then you can enter a competition which is also a great learning experience.  It can be humbling at first but you will make more progress when you start competing against people that work really hard and have mastered a lot of skills. Lookign to learn more, connect on Facebook with Pulse Scooters.