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Summertime Activities For The Whole Family

Posted on: April 30th, 2014 by Pulse


Summer time is many people’s favorite season for a number of reasons. The warm weather, days off school, and longer hours of sunlight are a perfect excuse to get the whole family outdoors. Whether you are home enjoying sometime as a family or on vacation together, there are plenty of wonderful summer time exercises that the whole family can enjoy together. Here are a few activities that the whole family can enjoy together this summer.


Camping is a wonderful way to enjoy one another’s company without the stress and distraction of day to day life. Camping, which is as inexpensive as it is fun, is a great way for kids to learn about nature and the environment. Different camp sites offer a number of different features. Some camping sites are less rustic than others an may include amenities like swimming pools or bike trails.

Other sites may have hiking trails or creeks that you and your family can make the most of. Camping is also a great way for kids to learn basic survival skills like how to start a fire. Camping is also a great way to cure insomnia.


Swimming is a highly beneficial exercise. It is low impact, which means that everyone in the family can enjoy it, regardless of whether they have had any injuries.  Kids tend to love swimming for a variety of reasons: spending time at a local pool can be a great way to socialize as well as to play pool games and try perfecting their skills on the diving board. Swimming can also be done in a variety of settings, whether it is at a pool, lake or beach, it is always a good time for everyone.

Cycling and Scooter Riding

The best part of warm weather is being able to enjoy spending days and even nights outdoors. Cycling and riding are fun and adventurous activities that provide a healthy dose of physical activity and can be enjoyed by everyone from small children to parents.

Riding scooters also brings about the chance to explore a new or unfamiliar area or to take in parts of your hometown that you may not normally spend much time appreciating.

Baseball and Softball


America’s pastime is for more than just watching. The warm summer months are a perfect time to get out into the park and arrange a family game. Baseball is a sport that is enjoyed by athletes of all types and skill levels and is the perfect game to be played at a summer picnic or barbeque. Even if you don’t have access to an official field, you can set up a game at a block party or play catch in your very own backyard.

Kayaking and Canoeing

Those who enjoy both water sports and exploring the great outdoors are perfectly suited for kayaking. Kayaking and canoeing are activities that build upper body strength and offer plenty of excitement. Kayaking along a river or stream is an unusual way to truly experience all that an outdoor area has to offer. Some parks offer camping facilities where campers can dock their boats and head from site to site.

Beach Volleyball

Everyone likes spending a day at the beach on a hot summer day. Younger kids can build sandcastles and collect sea shells while older kids can take on boogie boarding or body surfing, and parents can enjoy some relaxing time with a book or magazine. One beach activity that the whole family can enjoy is beach volleyball, which offers plenty of chances to work as a team while working up a sweat and enjoying the feel of sand beneath your toes along with the sound of waves crashing.

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