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Starting Out With The Beginner Kick

Posted on: April 17th, 2014 by Pulse


Whether you are an experienced athlete or just starting to take on physical activity and trick based sports, scooters are a fun and exciting way to experience many valuable sensations. From achieving high speeds to exploring new terrains to learning new an impressive tricks, learning how to ride a scooter is a hobby, sport, and past time that is enjoyed by people of all ages and experience levels.

As with any sport or skill, it is important to learn the basics by practicing as much as possible until you feel truly confident and comfortable moving onto a slightly more challenging trick or variation of a trick. In scooter riding, one of the most basic elements of any trick is a kick. Mastering a beginning kick will open the door to a world of tricks and combinations. Here are a few tips on how to master a beginning kick.

Mastering an Ollie

Ollies, which are also sometimes referred to as bunny hops in the scooter riding community, are one of the first skills that any new rider should master. Once you have learned how to do an ollie, you will be able to build on it and use that skill to do a number of very impressive tricks.

To successfully do an ollie, start by making sure that you feel stable on your scooter. Use your back foot to push off and then bring both feet back onto the deck. Once both feet are back and at the same time, lift up with both your feet and on the handle bars at the same time. Do this until you have mastered the art of getting your entire scooter off the ground.

Hippy Jump

A hippy jump is a great beginner trick because it is fairly easy to learn and will give you a good sense of understanding your own sense of balance and how that relates to your stance on the scooter. A hippy jump also helps build the skills necessary for more complicated tricks that require you to to bring your feet off of the deck.

Like a bunny hop, a hippy jump starts with you in motion. You should begin at slower speeds and work your way up from there. Simply lift both feet up at the same time and then return them to your deck. Once you feel comfortable with this you can work toward other variations, such as turning midair or even beginning to lift your hands at the same time as your feet.


Wheelies are tricks that exist in some form in almost every type of riding. Learning how to do a wheelie is important because it gives you an understanding of how your weight and balance affect the motion of your scooter. Wheelies are a good building block move because when you feel very comfortable with a wheelie, you can begin to incorporate things like spins and other types of motion which can make for tricks that are very fun to watch.

To learn how to do a wheelie, start with your feet in position and then bring your weight back onto your heels. Let the front wheels of your scooter pop up and then bring your balance back to your entire foot as you become stable again. You can practice this at a stationary position at first.

When you have a very good sense of where to put your balance, start to play with doing wheelies while in motion. You may then be able to start to incorporate swerving either way or doing wheelies on terrain. It is important to always wear safety gear no matter what trick you’re trying.

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