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Employees Use Mini Scooters to Commute

Posted on: June 13th, 2013 by Pulse No Comments

Scooters To CommuteThe staff members at Spark ecommerce Group are finding a new way to stay fit and speed up their commute to work with mini scooters.  They were provided with some kick scooters by a company that partners with their employer and were able to try out the scooters for the morning commute as well as throughout the day.

Some employees found it useful to take the scooters to work to save time instead of being stuck in traffic or walking.  They even use them during work hours to get from place to place and save some extra minutes to increase production.  Many of the staff members are satisfied with their new form of transportation and plan to keep using them regularly.

The benefits of using small scooters instead of driving or walking can be great for employees that need to save time and improve their health.  It is also great for the environment if more people use scooters or bikes to get to work instead of driving.  The freestyle scooters are more portable than a bicycle and can be used on site at work as well.  Getting employees more active is good for their health and the morale of the workplace.

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