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Scooters Promoting Healthy Exercise For Kids

Posted on: January 7th, 2014 by Pulse


There are few activities as healthy for children as regular physical activity. Physical activity helps maintain a child’s respiratory and cardiovascular systems and puts a child at a much lower risk for being overweight both in childhood and later on in life. Children who exercise regularly are much more likely to make healthy choices as adults, including having a better diet and a much smaller chance of being overweight. It can be difficult as a parent to ensure that your child is getting a sufficient amount of exercise, however.

Many parents of young children face busy schedules as they struggle to make sure that kids are spending enough time on activities like school work. Often, the kids who receive the right amount of exercise are those who do so by finding fun recreational activities that naturally provide a healthy dose of physical activity. In this way, scooters and electric scooters are helping promote physical activity in kids by creating a natural time for both fun and exercise.

Scootering to School

Scootering to school is one way that kids are having a great time spending time with their friends and siblings and having fun as they travel to campus. Scootering gives kids a great sense of independence and helps promote an environmentally friendly mindset. Some schools have even begun to offer programs that reward kids who bike or scooter to school by entering them in drawings or other types of contests.

Many kids who scooter to and from school get a great amount of exercise just from the activities they engage in at school and the physical activity in their commutes. Many schools also offer students a safe place to lock up scooters and bikes while they are in class.

Playing Outside

With the additional influx of video games and television options that seem to be presented to kids at every turn, many children simply do not have the same motivation to play outside that kids in other generations did. Having an activity such as scootering to help draw kids outside can create a great reason to take a break from sedentary activities like watching television and engage in a number of activities outside, which are far more likely to keep a child physically and mentally healthy.

Socializing With Peers

The more active a child’s friends are, the more physically active they are likely to be themselves. As a child finds an activity like riding a scooter that is very fun to engage in with other children, they may become open to a whole world of other social and physical activities. Kids may join up with friends to ride scooters and bikes to the park, where they may continue to engage in physical activity such as setting up a game or playing on the swing set.

Increasing Imagination

Physical and mental health are tied in people of all ages, and it seems that physical activity that is engaged in outdoors is beneficial for a myriad of reasons. Kids who play outside activate their imaginations by finding new areas to explore or discover and new types of play to engage in with their friends. Scooters facilitate this by encouraging kids to find areas in their neighborhood that are ideal for scooter riding, which promotes a spirit of curiosity and discovery.

There are many ways that scooters are a fun, safe, and simple way for kids to become more healthy as they engage in every child’s favorite activity: having fun. Scooters can be enjoyed by kids of all ages and are a sure fire way to help keep kids active for their entire healthy and happy lives.

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