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Scooters For Students

Posted on: April 26th, 2013 by Pulse No Comments

Scooters For StudentsAt colleges across the country, an increase in the number of scooters and motorcycles parked on campus has been noted. It seems that many students are taking advantage of the cost efficient benefits of these small vehicles. Because scooters cost so much less than a car to fill up, it often more than makes up for the costs of parking on campus. Times are tough for everyone and college students are no exception.

Some colleges are taking notice of the increasing trend and are offering on campus scooter service for students who opt to travel this way. College moped shops offer scooter sales with financing, scooter rentals, roadside service, and accessories. Not only do students save money by commuting to campus on a scooter, they enjoy cheaper parking rates and better parking spots on campus that save them time. Scooters can travel at speeds ranging from 40-80mph, so getting to class on time is never an issue. The only drawback is cold or rainy weather, but even in those instances there are buses, public transportation, or carpool options available. Overall, the benefits of scooter riding for college students make it all worthwhile. College officials expect to see a continued increase in scooter ownership in the coming years.

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