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Scooters Help Fight Childhood Obesity

Posted on: July 7th, 2013 by Pulse No Comments

Scooters Fight ObesityA group of college students from Utah are attempting to raise awareness of the rising rate of childhood obesity by crossing the country together on self propelled scooters. They hope that by showing how a fun and simple activity like riding a kick scooter can be a great way to keep kids in shape. Riding the scooters provides a full body workout, but riders are usually hardly aware of how much they’re working their bodies because it’s so much fun.

Participating in physical activities that are enjoyable is one of the best ways to get kids to stay in shape. The group of scooter riders plans to cover 60 miles a day until they reach New York. All the money they raise will be donated to schools so that they can purchase scooters. It’s all part of an effort to show how important it is to keep kids healthy and that it’s not hard to do so. By showing their support with scooters, these students are delivering a message that’s hard to miss.

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