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Think Scooters Are Just For Fun? They Can Be Used For Education As Well

Posted on: March 13th, 2013 by Pulse No Comments

Scooters And EducationThink Scooters Are Just For Fun? They Can Be Used For Education As Well

Scooters have been around a little while so we can now see children on them frequently out in the streets and in skateparks across the nation.  The interesting thing about scooters is that they are now being used for an educational purpose.

There are many schools that seem to be using scooters to incorporate exercise into their lesson plans.  Learning about different consequences of low frequency of exercise is one such lesson.  Teachers are setting up lesson plans to help children understand the great effects of exercise and how that leads to a healthy heart and healthy living.

With all of the ways that we need to compete for the attention of our children due to the increased popularity of video games we all could take a few notes from these outside the box ideas about physical education.

The incorporation of physical exercise into different aspects of education seems to be a slightly obvious overture, but yet it is more or less about the way that it is being integrated into education, and what the children are learning.  The fact that we have teachers that are also concerned about the physical health of our children is a great feeling and we should all be so lucky.

For more information on lesson plans involving scooters see this article.

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