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Australian Scooter Superstar Visits New York Fans

Posted on: August 17th, 2013 by Pulse No Comments

Ryan Williams Scooter Superstar19 year old Ryan Williams visited a Staten Island skate park this week to meet fans and perform his custom scooter trick the “Silly Willy”. Kids waited for hours outside the skate park to catch a glimpse of the Australian star whose YouTube videos have inspired kids across the world to take up scooter riding as a sport.

Williams says it all began with him and his friends hanging out daily on their scooters, and progressed from there. He started doing tricks and posting videos on YouTube, which helped earn him international recognition.

Williams says a big part of the fun of being a scooter athlete is “going into the unknown and doing stuff no one has ever done”. His fans agree, saying that scooter riding never really appealed to them until they realized it could open a door to doing new tricks and being part of a whole new sport. A scooter is a perfect medium for those kids who feel that bikes are too heavy and dislike a skateboard’s lack of handlebars. Williams’ effortless riding and breathtaking tricks are enough to inspire anyone to give scooters another try.

Take a look at Ryan Williams tearing it up!

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