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Would More Scooter Friendly City Design Help Or Hinder?

Posted on: April 1st, 2013 by Pulse No Comments

Scooter FriendlyThis is a dilemma that we are starting to face in today’s reality of traffic congestion and over population of cities around the nation and world for that matter.  Would making cities more scooter friendly help decrease the issues of traffic congestion that seem to be bogging down the cities and property of large metropolitan areas like San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York?

Sources say that increasing the availability to ride scooters safely would decrease the congestion we all experience on the highways and freeways and would certainly decrease the eco-footprint that we all make when we drive large SUVs and vehicles that emit carbon monoxide into the atmosphere.

Electric scooters would certainly help decrease all the problems that we experience because of the overuse of automobiles.  An electric scooter would be able to get you to the train or bus that can get you to work, and still it would be mobile enough that it would not hinder your daily routine.

This is a situation that should be strongly considered moving forward because the reliance on gas and oil in this country has reached an all time high, and doesn’t seem to be ebbing off anytime soon.

For more information on the impact scooters could have check this article out.


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