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ScootAM A Site To Support Amateur Freestyle Scooter Riders

Posted on: July 18th, 2014 by Pulse

ScootAM Supports Amatuer Freestyle Scooter Riders

Amateur freestyle scooter riders often find it difficult to get promoted on YouTube, blogs and websites. This can make it difficult to break into the sport as a professional. Unless you have connections with professional riders or other power players in the industry, it is difficult to find sponsors and gain exposure in the larger scooter riding community. With ScootAm’s new site, up and coming amateur freestyle riders have a place to be showcased that does not even require the creation of an account.

What is ScootAM?

ScootAM is a website for promoting and exposing freestyle scooter riders. Professionals can easily get their videos on the best scooter blogs and websites for a wide audience to see, but it is difficult for amateurs to do the same. ScootAm provides a platform for amateurs to upload their videos, photos, event results, announcements, and more to promote themselves. Users can look through and view the promotion of other users, and sponsors can easily search for new riders.

As long as there is nothing inappropriate or it is not low quality, the video will be posted. Those deemed exceptional by the ScootAM employees will be marked as featured, and listed in the featured category. When the promo is published, the users name is listed on the author page of the website. A person can click on the name to see all promotions posted by that person.

What can be Posted?

Amateur scooter riders can post videos, photos, event results, sponsorship announcements, or general announcements on ScootAM. Users can specify the preferred release date of the promo, which is perfect if you want it to coincide with a particular event or date. The site provides a platform to push out videos of awesome tricks and rides so it can have more views, which gives you more exposures. The same can be done for any photos of a trick. You can post as many promos as you would like, and they will all be easily found under your name.

Why Post on ScootAM?

When you film your latest tricks, you probably upload them to YouTube or Vimeo and post a link on your social media pages. However, this typically only provides you with a limited number of views, and you most likely will not be seen by any potential sponsors. By including this information on the site, it increases a rider’s chance of being seen by a larger audience. Although ScootAM does not sponsor riders, they can help facilitate sponsors finding new up and coming talent. By posting various promos, including videos and results, you can increase your chance of being seen by sponsors and turning pro.

Increase your Exposure

By posting on ScootAM, you can increase your exposure without having to sign up for an account, pay for anything, or give up your content. When you post the content, you share the link to your YouTube posting or other sites, although you typically will upload a file for a photo. ScootAM works solely as a platform for self-promotion. It hopes to help facilitate the next generation of freestyle scooter riders as the sport continues to grow.

While you are on the site uploading your own promotional material, be sure to check out the videos of the other riders who have likewise shared their promotional videos and information. You might just learn a new trick or two by watching their videos, or discover a new event. With this website, not only are individual riders being promoted, but the network of amateur riders is enriched by making it easier to find and view one another’s videos, which will help the sport continue to grow.

photo credit: Clopin

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