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Scoot Fest 2014 Approaches!

Posted on: March 24th, 2014 by Pulse


The weather is getting warmer, which means that summer is just around the corner, which is great news for many scooter enthusiasts. Not only are the warm months of summer the perfect time to spend some time outdoors riding, August brings about the biggest event in the sport of scootering:  Scootfest!

Scootfest 2014 Poised to Take the UK By Storm

Scootfest is the world’s largest scooter festival, and it is an international event that provides an arena for both watching and participating in some of the most fast paced, daring, and adventurous scootering events imaginable.

At Scootfest, fifty of the world’s best scooterers will show off their chops as scooter enthusiasts from all over the world travel in to take in all of the sites available to them. The festival will be held, for the second year in a row at Stoneleigh Park in Warwickshire, located in the beautiful West Midlands of England.

A Festival For Both Top Notch Riders and Amateurs

Scootfest is a unique and exciting event for scooter enthusiasts at all levels because it offers something for everyone. A gathering of the fifty best riders from all over the world who have ranked at competitions such as Scoot Sport Great Britain, will compete for the ISA World Championship title in a number of exciting competitions that are incredibly exhilarating to watch.

Those who are less experienced, from total novices to scooterers who are still honing their craft will have ample opportunity to ride in plenty of different terrains as well, covering all of the main scootering set ups: parks, dirt, and pavement. There will be cash prizes for the top scooterers in each event. Last year’s cash prize for the top amataeur scooterer was $8,000 and many other riders received awards in the form of scooters and scooter related materials.

Entertainment An Important Part Of Scootfest

Embracing the scootering lifestyle means understanding the importance of community and having a good time with fellow riders and enthusiasts. As part of the Scootfest festivities, bands will play and provide live concerts for all those in attendance. Last year’s performers included dance music sensation Shy FX and dubstep duo Killsonik.

Both acts featured upbeat dance music that kept festival goers moving day in and day out. The upbeat sounds of Shy FX certainly proved to match the adrenaline infused tone of Scootfest in 2013, and though the musical act for 2014 has yet to be announced, it seems clear that the party will continue well into the night.

The Rapid Growth of Scootering as a Sport

The success of Scootfest and the strong enthusiasm that surrounds it are echoes of a larger, worldwide trend toward scooter riding. There are a number of reasons why scootering is currently one of the fastest growing sports around the entire globe. Scootering is a sport that can be enjoyed by athletes of all ages.

Younger riders may be quite adept at picking up scootering skills, and many civic planners have taken heed and begun to create spaces in cities where riders can practice tricks on scooters, or, in some cases, ride side by side with skate boarders. Scootering is a very accessible sport, as it requires little equipment.

Because scootering has recently emerged as an exciting freestyle extreme sport, it is a sport in which boundaries are constantly being pushed. New stars are continuing to emerge, and the types of tricks being performed are constantly becoming more and more awe inspiring. Festivals like Scootfest are an important part of this unique community and the ways in which it can continue to grow and evolve.

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