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Sales of Electric Scooters Begin to Grow in North America

Posted on: May 5th, 2013 by Pulse No Comments

Electric Scooter SaleWhile the statistics for electric scooter and motorcycle sales have been steadily increasing in China, they are beginning to show signs of popularity in North America as well.  A study predicts that the sale of e-scooters and e-motorcycles will increase tenfold by 2018.  Until now, China has accounted for 81 percent of the global electric scooter market but trends seem to indicate that they will grow in other regions as well.  As the electric performance scooter becomes easier to use and the technology is improved, there will be a dramatic increase in the market for this type of vehicle.

I think of it as a good sign that the sales of electric vehicles are increasing because this could lead to more awareness about the environment and can help to reduce our carbon footprint.  The less people rely on gas-powered motorcycles or scooters the better they can contribute to a healthier planet.  When more people realize how simple it can be to charge a scooter electric battery instead of buying gas they will understand why it is such a great solution to environmental problems.  Any kind of electric transportation instead of fossil fuels can make a difference for the earth in the future.

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