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A Promotion for Safe Scooter Riding Reaches Out to Kids

Posted on: June 4th, 2013 by Pulse No Comments

Safe Scooter RidingAs scooters grow in popularity for young children, there are also many unfortunate accidents and injuries that occur as a result of scooter riding.  In New Zealand, Safekids has made an effort to educate kids about wearing helmets and practicing safety skills while riding their scooters.  The safe2skoot program is a chance to let children know that they can still enjoy their scooters but must wear a helmet to prevent any serious injury.  It also teaches children important traffic rules that they may have ignored or not understood in the past.  A helmet is a scooter accessory that is now mandatory for these kids that are involved in the program.

It seems that because scooters are a relatively new toy for kids, there are not as many strict laws as there are for bike riding.  As people become more aware of the dangers associated with this activity it is important to make changes to help prevent any more accidents.  This program will be a great way to educate kids about the importance of wearing a helmet and being safe when they are around cars and pedestrians.  Even small kick scooters can be involved in bad accidents when kids are not following traffic rules and being safe.


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