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Reflecting On 20 Years Of The X-Games

Posted on: June 24th, 2014 by Pulse

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photo credit: GGeronimo

It’s hard to believe that the X Games, the most prestigious and premiere event for extreme sports is celebrating its 20 year anniversary this year. Each year, both the summer and winter games provide an environment where athletes and fans alike can come together to witness some of the most ground breaking moments in extreme sports from BMX biking to motor cross. Since its conception, the X Games has been home to some of the most jaw dropping and exciting moments in sports history.

A Place For Many Firsts

Because the X Games has long been recognized as the most prestigious extreme sports event, many athletes have attempted to break new ground in their various events at the games. The X Games has been the site of many a record breaking move. For example, in 2002, BMX rider Matt Hoffman stunned crowds when he pulled off the first known no-handed 900. In 1999, legendary skateboarder Tony Hawk cemented his place in extreme sports history when he landed the very first 900 done on a skateboard. In 2002, FMX rider Mike Metzger made X Games history when he used his dirt bike to go airborne for a total back flip.

Legends of the Games

As the games continued to be an important part of extreme sports, it also became a place where extreme sports and the stars in various sports made a name for themselves and where many sports were introduced to a broader audience. A number of athletes began to stand out after performing well at the X Games, including very young athletes, like Ryan Sheckler, who won a gold in skateboarding in 2003 at the age of 13 or Shaun White, who officially won three separate snow boarding titles in 2012. (White is also a great example of an athlete who rose to fame at the X-Games and then went on to also achieve fame as an Olympic athlete.)

Sports Grow In Breadth At the Games

A number of the most popular sports at the X Games have evolved or broken off into different types of sports as the years have progressed. The X Games hosts both summer and winter events, and many of the sports at both games have a number of different events. Moto X, for example, now has within it 9 different events, which include things like traditional racing and competitions like “Best Whip.” In the winter games, sports like Snowboarding include events that range from Big Air to Snowboard X.

The Exciting Future of the X Games

As the X Games grows in popularity, many athletes and fans look forward to the inclusion of even more sports and more events within each sport. Currently, there are a number of sports that exhibit at the X Games. These sports include extreme scootering, a sport that many people believe will soon be included as a main event at the games, because of the fact that it is a sport that continues to boast a large number of stand out athletes and exciting innovations within the sport. Extreme sports in general are enjoying a wider audience, as more and more people are becoming exposed to them through videos that showcase the work of rising stars. The X Games themselves are also televised, which has proven to be a great way for fans to stay abreast of all of the exciting events if they are unable to travel to see the games in person. This years games in Austin are sure to bring more of the same excitement and innovation that has been so present at the last twenty years of games.

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