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Pulse Kick N’Go (Video Intro)

Posted on: October 13th, 2014 by Pulse

The Pulse Kick N. Go scooter is one of the most fun and dynamic toys a kid can have. With its patented kick n. go technology kids can go even faster and have more control over the acceleration of their scooter. These videos will show how to install the parts and also give a walkthrough of all the features. The Kick N. Go scooter has even been featured on major television shows like The View and the Today Show.

Kick Scooter

Pulse Kick ‘N Go – Xcelerator Front Wheel Installation and Alignment

This video demo will show you how to install a front wheel with 5 mm wrenches. Then you must align the front wheel with your clamp adjustment lever.

Pulse Kick ‘N Go – Xcelerator TV Commercial

Part rocket, part science, part kid – this video introduces the Pulse Kick N. Go scooter. The scooter goes faster the more you kick it, loaded with turbo fastronomic kick n. go technology!

Kick ‘N Go™ on The View®

On the popular television show The View Sherri Sheperd announces a giveaway for the Pulse Kick N’ Go scooter. The audience goes wild for the fastronomic kick n. go technology!

Kick ‘N Go™ on the Today Show®

Matt Lauer discusses how parents can keep their kids occupied during the long days of summer on the Today Show. He is introduced to the Kick N’ Go scooter, recommended for kids ages 8 and up.

Pulse Kick ‘N Go – Xcelerator Video Instruction Manual

This video instruction manual goes over all the features of the Kick N. Go scooter. The brake lever, the pump lever, and the propulsion pedal are some of the features that are discussed.

Pulse Kick ‘N Go – Xcelerator Rear Wheel Replacement

You will need a flathead screwdriver to disassemble the rear wheel. Then the replacement wheel can be installed.

Pulse Kick ‘N Go – Xcelerator Front Wheel Assembly

You will need to use the two wrenches provided by Pulse to carefully install and screw in the front wheel. This video also shows you how to setup the Kick n. Go handlebar.

Pulse Kick ‘N Go – Tough as Nails

Hard work and craftsmanship goes into sculpting the Pulse Kick N. Go. The final product is a scooter that is durable and kids will love to ride.

Pulse Kick ‘N Go – Test Pilot Series – Gavin

Gavin is a happy, lively kid who loves to stay active. He demonstrates how fun and safe riding the Kick N. Go scooter can be zooming through a playground.

Pulse Kick ‘N Go – Nitrous TV Commercial

The Pulse Kick N. Go scooter is so fun that it has started a new phenomenon. Everywhere kids are now kicking and kicking and kicking, just like they do when they’re riding their Pulse Kick N. Go scooter!

Pulse Kick ‘N Go – Nitrous Rear Wheel Assembly

Using the provided wrenches and a flathead screwdriver the rear wheel can be disassembled. Pliers will be needed to install the new wheel properly, along with using the wrenches to make sure everything is tightened properly.

Pulse Kick ‘N Go – Nitrous Front End Tutorial

Use the clamp adjustment nut to properly secure the downtube. Then screw in the handlebar and the front wheel with the provided tools.

Pulse Kick ‘N Go – Nitrous Front End Tutorial

This video gives you a behind the scenes tour of the Kick N. Go factory. It’s an intricate operation that involves a team of experts and technicians.

photo credit: Cha già José via photopin cc

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