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Outdoor Recreation Groups Helping People With Similar Interests Meet

Posted on: February 18th, 2014 by Pulse


There are means at our disposal to get out of the house and meet others with similar interests. If you are feeling isolated and depressed, ask yourself what it is you like to do and surely there is a way to find a group of people somewhere nearby with similar interests that want to meet up and socialize.

It is a great way to stave off the depression from isolation, which can actually lead to health problems in the future, as well as the obvious emotional and mental issues that can crop of up from being too drawn into yourself. Anxiety can come from such a situation, which in and of itself can also lead to health problems.

Meetup Groups On-Line

For those who enjoy being in the outdoors, there is a plethora of meetup groups that can be found on the internet. From hiking, biking, riding scooters, camping and so on, just type into any online search engine what exactly it is you are looking for and where you are from with the words “meet up” in the search criteria, and something should pop up that is local and available to you.

Chances are there are already several other people in the same situation as you are, or who attend these events and have been in the same situation as you have, and can help you get through the loneliness of isolation and help you to feel better about what you are doing.

Being Social and Outdoors Is Beneficial To Ones Health

There are noted health benefits from being in the outdoors, from emotional to mental to physical. Hiking in the outdoors improves someone’s physical health dramatically, especially if done on a consistent basis. It improves circulation in the body and the respiratory system from the exerted effort we experience while hiking.

Outdoor biking, especially with a group of people to help you along, has even more benefits than hiking and greatly improves physical health. It has been argued by certain physicians that biking may actually be one of the healthiest physical activities that someone can take a part in.

Being in the outdoors and away from the hectic bustling of city life, with the traffic and constant noises, has a dramatic calming effect on the mind and the emotional state. This is extremely beneficial in the face of the anxiety that is produced from living in dense populated areas.

The Effects of Depression, Anxiety and Isolation

Anxiety and depression from isolation have notable physical drawbacks and cause health problems. The health problems that could arise from the inactivity brought on by isolation and the resulting anxiety and depression are heart problems, muscle atrophy, hypertension from constant anxiety, depressed mood, lowered immune system (getting sick a lot) activity and lower cognitive function.

Fighting The Blues With Socializing and Activity

If you are experiencing any of these problems and feel that you are isolating too much, are depressed and down because of this, then the best remedy for such a situation is to reach out in your local community and try to find people with similar interests as yourself.

Being social will make you feel accountable to others and help you show up to events on a consistent basis. It will give a sense of accomplishment.

Set reasonable goals and expectations for yourself before starting out on such a venture. Do not expect to make immediate friends and feel dramatically better; instead, expect to make friends and start feeling better over time and repetitive activity. This the one of the best ways to get out of isolation and depression.

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