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Outdoor Activities The Whole Family Can Enjoy

Posted on: January 28th, 2014 by Pulse


Spending time outdoors is a great way to fully make the most of any season and to take in all that a city has to offer. For families, outdoor activities offer the perfect chance to spend quality time together while getting plenty of exercise and exploring new areas or appreciating familiar ones. Here are some outdoor activities that are ideal for the entire family.


Hiking is a great activity for families because it provides a wonderful opportunity to learn about nature while taking in incredible views and getting some exercise in. Hiking provides a great dose of cardiovascular activity, which is highly beneficial for adults and children alike. Hiking can be very educational as parents can discuss with their kids the different plants and wildlife encountered on the hike.

Riding Bikes and Scooters

Like hiking, riding is an activity that provides a healthy bump in heart rate. It is also something that kids and grown ups alike find fun and exhilarating. Riding scooters provides fast paced adventures that can make even a familiar neighbor exciting and interesting. Riding is also a wonderful way to explore a new city and to take in beautiful weather. Most people would agree that there is nothing quite like the feel of wind in their hair to make it seem like vacation time.

Sledding and Skiing

In the colder months, winter activities like sledding are a wonderful way to enjoy all that winter has to offer. Sledding is inexpensive and simple to do and can be done anywhere there is a minor slope. Skiing may be a little more time consuming, but many ski slopes offer classes for kids, who may learn so quickly that they are soon racing their parents down the slopes.

Planning a Picnic

Warmer months can be a great time to work as a family to plan a great outdoor meal and pack it for a picnic in the park. Choosing a park that no one in the family has ever been to can make picnics even more exciting and interesting, and picnics can be a great way to spend a day relaxing or kick off other activities like riding or hiking.


Whether it’s in a lake or the ocean or a public pool, swimming is a great form of exercise that kids love doing with their parents. Swimming in the ocean can also mean body surfing or boogie boarding. It can also mean plenty of time looking for shells or building sand castles together. Lake swimming can be done on its own or paired with activities like paddle boat rental or inner tubing for a full day of action. Pools offer plenty of chances to play games, swim laps, or take a jump off the high dive.

Horseback Riding

Horses are majestic animals that are beloved by kids and adults alike. Riding a horse is a fun and interesting time that allows for a totally new view of terrain and can be a real treat to any animal lover. Many areas have equestrian centers where horses may be rented and where rides are guided by expert riders who can lead the way.

Ice Skating

Ice skating is such a fun winter activity that even cities in warmer climates are constructing outdoor rings that allow skaters to get the full winter experience. Ice skating is a great physical challenge that is safe for both kids and adults and offers a great chance to try new tricks or simply skate around as a family. Even if parents grow tired, they can easily and safely watch kids from directly outside of the rink.

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