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New Wave Of Athletes Embrace Extreme Scootering

Posted on: June 26th, 2014 by Pulse

Young Atletes Embraces Extreme Scooteringphoto credit: TylerP

Athletes and fans of extreme sports have long loved to watch and participate in sports like BMX riding and skateboarding, which are often performed at events like the X Games as well as in smaller settings. Many of the rising stars of both of these sports have also made a name for themselves in the form of videos, which act as a means of exposing fans to their ability and showcasing new tricks. In recent years, it seems that yet another sport has risen in popularity in the world of extreme sports: extreme scooter riding. More and more athletes are embracing this sport and enjoying both watching others and riding themselves.

The Celebrities Of Extreme Scooter Riding

As with any other major sport, extreme scooter riding continues to get more popularity in part because of the large number of celebrities within the sport. Terry Price, for example, is an extreme rider who has risen to fame within the scooter riding community in part because of the large number of tricks he has perfected and even invented. Terry Price is generally known and recognized as the first rider to land a double flip in the sport, and he continues to wow crowds all over the world with his large repertoire of airborne tricks. Another huge celebrity in the sport and certainly one of the reasons it has grown so much in popularity is Ryan Williams, who travels with the highly successful Nitro Circus Tour. Williams has brought the sport to the Nitro Circus Tour and in so doing has introduced the large Nitro Circus Tour audience to the sport. Like many members of the Nitro Circus Tour, Williams performs stunts on his scooter that can only be described as jaw-dropping. The tour has been a huge commercial success over the past several years and has even been released in the form of a 3D movie.

Different Types of Scooter Riding

Extreme scootering has developed alongside BMX riding and skateboarding because it is a sport that is performed in many of the same environments. Like both skateboarding and BMX riding, scootering can be done in parks, and some of the most popular tricks are done in the form of jumps off of half or quarter pipes. Many scooter riders also use the structures in their cities to learn and try out new tricks. Stairs, railways, and other similar structures can make for an exciting playground on which extreme riders can try tricks and shoot videos to show their work.

Festivals and Events

As scooter riding continues to grow in popularity, athletes have more and more places they can go to enjoy the sport. The X Games, which is generally considered the largest and most prestigious event in the extreme sports world, has hosted demos of extreme scooter riders for the past several years, and many athletes believe that extreme scooter riding will be a main event at the X Games in the very near future. There are also a number of highly popular international events that are devoted entirely to the world of extreme scooter riding. Scoot Fest, in the United Kingdom, for example, draws thousands of people of all skill levels each summer  and has been a favorite of athletes since it started. Festivals like Scoot Fest have provided athletes with the chance to learn from those more experienced than them and to be an integral and important part of the extreme scootering community. Extreme scootering is a sport that will surely continue to grow as more and more people discover exciting ways to learn about both the sport and the athletes involved in it.

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