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New Apps Make Urban Cycling And Scooter Riding Better

Posted on: July 17th, 2013 by Pulse No Comments

Loud Bicycle AppRiding a bike or scooter in the big city has its ups and downs. Every rider has stories to tell about that one close call, or that one amazing ride they’ll never forget. The biggest part of riding safely in the city streets is making sure you’re noticed by the vehicles and pedestrians that surround you. Now smartphone technology is attempting to tackle this issue.

One app called Loud Bicycle, creates a honk as loud as a car’s. The app can be used on a bicycle or scooter, and is a great way to warn other drivers. Other horn apps have a friendlier sound and flashing lights to ensure cyclists are seen, as well as heard, by drivers. Better lighting for bikes and scooters has always been a concern for riders as well.

One new app connects to handlebars to measure the distance to rear facing lights to give a bike or scooter brake lights. You can also add headlights and turn signals. Smartphone technology also allows riders to utilize GPS for navigation, as well as locating a bike or scooter if stolen. With features like these, riding in the city can be safer, more efficient, and funner than ever.

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