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Movin’ and Shakin’ with the Pulse Slither

Posted on: October 16th, 2014 by Pulse

Scooters provide a somewhat easy but extremely exciting way to ride on streets and in skate parks. Its deceptive simplicity allows for limitless creativity and endless variations on finding new ways to ride with the freedom of the wind.  On that note, the crazy minds of your friends at Pulse Performance Products have done it again. The Pulse Slither is a very innovative variation, a three-wheeled scooter that provides all sorts of new possibilities for the rider.

Pulse Slither

What makes this scooter different?

While your grandfather’s scooter could just move in a straight line, the Slither allows for unique drifting action, sliding back and forth in a zigzag as you move forward, just like a snakes “slither.”  This is made possible through a unique design feature – three wheels. There are two fixed wheels in the front, attached to the steering stick, but the back wheel is a pivot-mounted castor wheel, with a spring  that swivels back and forth, much like a roller blade wheel, allowing for all sorts of new possibilities of movement, acting as a sort of “rudder” controlling your movement.

So that’s the most distinguishing feature, but there are others that really make the Slither a really great slipping and sliding machine. While some caster-wheeled scooters can be a real challenge to learn how to get your balance, the large sized urethane and hard plastic front wheels giving a lot of road-to-tire contact, knobbed gripes on the handlebars, and molded anti-slip traction on a large deck make for a secure and safe ride that’s easy to control, and appropriate for children and adults ages 7 and up of all skill levels.

How can I play with it?

 As with all Pulse Products, the scooter is made out of the highest quality materials, and is relativity easy to assembled, taking at most 10 minutes to screw the front wheels in and attach the handlebar to a desired height. While the Slither can work great for the conventional racing down a street, the real fun comes in taking advantage of the pivoting wheel.  You use your weight, shifting it back and forth to control your movements, treating it less like a regular scooter and more like a surfboard or snowboard.

This makes turns and tricks that much more fun and actually propels you forward with the scissor-like side-to-side motions.  Your platform moves in a fluid motion, allowing for very precise carved turns around corners.   By pushing into the side, and steering sharply in that direction, you can move in a sideways motion.  You can ride either facing forward like a scooter, or sideways like a skateboard – really it’s your choice to explore.

You don’t have to start moving by pushing off with your foot, but simply shift your weight side to side and let the board propel itself, getting faster and faster the more you move.   With a lot of speed, you can shift off to one wheel, allowed for very sharp turns close to the ground.  The light weight makes it possible to do a “bunny hop” where you lift the scooter off the ground by jumping as one unit.  After you’re done, the adjustable steering bar can be folded up, allowed for compact and easy storage.

The Slither allows for a multiplicity of possibilities, so try to see what new things you can do with it!   More possibilities, more fun and more tricks from versatility, functionality, and excitement that was never before possible. It comes in two colors, electric blue and toxic green, as well as a third colorful “street art” design, that will not chip or fade, adding to the coolness just radiating off.  Just be sure to hold on tight!photo credit: DancesWithLight via photopin cc

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