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5 Ways A Scooter Purchase Can Save You Money

Posted on: January 14th, 2014 by Pulse


After the spending blitz that is the holidays, many people head into the new year hoping to keep their budgets as conservative as possible, looking for ways that they can maximize their incomes by minimizing spending as much as possible. Finding effective ways to save money may be surprising for many people. Scooters, for example, can be a wonderfully effective way to save money while having a great time. Here are six reasons why.

1. Cut back on spending money on gas.

As gas prices continue to rise, many commuters are looking for ways to cut back on the amount of driving they do on a weekly basis. Finding an alternate mode of transportation as little as a few days a week can help dramatically reduce  the amount of money you spend on fuel. Scooters offer a great way to eliminate car rides to work while starting the morning off right with an enjoyable ride to the office.

2. Save on funds spent toward fitness routines.

Few people will argue with the fact that physical activity is an important part of total mind and body health. Physical activity helps lower stress levels and increases feelings of happiness and well being. Exercise also helps regulate important bodily functions like heart rate and can help lower the chances of serious health risks like heart disease. The problem many people encounter, however, is that staying fit can be very costly. Gym memberships or access to classes can be a major expense. Replacing a gym membership with riding a scooter to work can help you save money and time.

3. Reduce the amount of money that is spent entertaining children.

Any parents know that children need constant entertainment and stimulation. In this day in age, that can mean major spending. Video games and trips to expensive amusement parks are very costly, and even going to the movies can present a hefty price tag. Going on a scootering trip with the family, however, is a cost effective way of keeping the whole family happy and healthy all while spending quality time together.

4. Plan less expensive vacations.

Who needs a pricey getaway when you can easily plan a great trip riding scooters in the wilderness? Camping is a great way to get away from it all, and it becomes even more fun when you bring along scooters to help you explore the beautiful area where you’re setting up camp. Owning a scooter is a great reason to explore the great outdoors, all at a much lower cost than traditional vacations.

5. Entertain guests easily and cost efficiently.

Having friends in town can be a lot of fun and is a wonderful way to see your hometown through the eyes of a visitor. Entertaining guests, however, can sometimes be just as expensive as going on a vacation of your own. Most guests are excited by the idea of seeing a new place from an insider’s point of view, so be the best tour guide you can be by showing your guests around on scooters, all while keeping your entertaining costs way down.

6. Minimize the amount you buy when you shop.

Overspending and impulse buying is something anyone who has been to the store is familiar with. Riding a scooter to the store not only cuts back on fuel costs there and back, but will also encourage you to purchase only the items that you absolutely need and can bring back via scooter. Exercising this kind of good judgement every time you shop can save untold amounts of money over the course of an entire year.

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