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5 Tricks To Get Your Kids To Enjoy The Outdoors

Posted on: October 15th, 2013 by Pulse No Comments

5 Tricks To Get Your Kids To Enjoy The Outdoors
Kids are spending more time indoors than ever. Staying indoors combined with the growing number of obese kids, means it’s more essential than ever to get them outside and active. With the amount of technology now available to kids, including the distraction of television, internet, and video games, there’s little incentive to get them to enjoy the outdoors. But with the proper motivation kids can be coaxed and encouraged to learn how to enjoy the outdoors.

One: Get Them Involved In A Local Sports League
Studies have shown that physical activity greatly improves a kid’s self-esteem, particularly getting him involved in an organized sport. Most locations have a variety of organized sports a kid can choose to join. Depending on what sports the kids enjoy watching, they can be encouraged to practice the sport themselves, such as tennis or soccer. The physical activity, combined with learning how to work with others, will prove to be invaluable tools for kids as they grow older. Many people who are adults say that they wish they had been more involved in organized sports when they were younger. This can be a way to get a kid outside on a regular basis, while fighting obesity by getting physical activity at the same time.

Two: Plan Quick Outdoor Activities With Kids
Kids often long for their parent’s attention. Many times parents always seem busy, working and paying bills, so kids are thrilled when they can get their parents’ undivided attention. Parents can plan simple activities to do with their kids that will involve bonding with their child outside. This can include going on walks, playing catch, or throwing a Frisbee. These impromptu activities can encourage a kid to enjoy being outside and also set up quality time for the parent and the child to connect.

Three: Encourage Them To Ride Their Scooters
For the busy parent, another great trick to getting their child to enjoy the outdoors is to have them ride a scooter. A fun and unique activity, scooters give kids a sense of freedom and adventure that they usually don’t get to experience. Riding a scooter can be a great way to entice a kid to play outside on a sunny day or a cool breezy evening.

Four: Organize A Camping Trip
A rite of passage for most kids is to go on a camping trip with their family. Eating s’mores around bonfires, exploring nature, and spending time in the great outdoors will expose the child to how beautiful and fulfilling spending time in nature can be. It will allow time for the family to work together as a team and enjoy outdoor activities at the same time.

Five: Take Them To The Beach
If a family is lucky enough to live by the beach, it’s a great way to get the kids outside playing in the sand and swimming in the water. This is something that a kid can enjoy with either a sibling or with some friends. They can swim, build sandcastles and enjoy splashing in the water. And on a sunny summer day this is the perfect activity for the kid to enjoy outside without getting overheated.

Kids nowadays need to be coaxed to go outside more than they have in the past. With the array of distractions that they have to do indoors now, they have less incentive to go outside than they ever did before. But if parents put in a little time and effort into planning activities and encouraging their kid to ride a scooter, they should have no problem getting their kid outside. The long-term benefits of raising a healthy kid will far outweigh the little effort that is needed to motivate them.

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