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Ira Opper Launches Online Extreme Sports Video Platform Vaporvue

Posted on: July 7th, 2014 by Pulse

Online Extreme Sports

Over the past few decades, extreme sports have gained in popularity. Many enthusiasts do not just enjoy participating in the sports but also like to watch the sports in person and on film. However, it can be difficult to find movies and documentaries featuring extreme sports through regular channels.

Luckily for extreme sport enthusiasts, there is a new subscription service that provides movies of various extreme sports: Vaporvue. Ira Opper, a well-known surfing filmmaker, has created this monthly subscription streaming service to provide an outlet for extreme sports videos. It is being dubbed the Netflix of extreme sport content, and it is available for streaming on most Internet connected device, including smartphones, tablets, computers and TVs.

What will the content feature?

The content offerings will include movies, TV series and documentaries that focus on various extremes sports, such as skiing, snowboarding, mountain biking, surfing, outdoor, motorbiking, climbing, and more. To complement the extreme sports video library, there will also be videos featuring associated content, such as adventure travel, fitness, yoga, and instructional videos about the different extreme sports. It will provide hours of themed entertainment for fans.

The goal of Vaporvue is to provide the most compressive and diverse library of professionally produced content featuring extreme sports. The company is creating the service with both the content creator and consumer in mind. It offers a place for professional filmmakers to reach their audience, and the audience to easily find the content they crave. It will not just stream already published materials, but also offer a platform for exclusive content. Opper and the Vaporvue team are working closely with the filmmakers to create an outlet for their creations that will easily find the target audiences. It provides another outlet for filmmakers to publish their content.

The Selected Content

Initially, there will be more than 1,000 contemporary and classic movies, TV series, documentaries, travel and informational videos. Some of the selections include exclusive documentaries, such as “The Surfers Journal Services,” “Great Waves,” and “the Biography.” It will also include “Surfing Magazine TV” and “FiNS,” two previously aired Emmy award winning series. There will also be the 70s movie classics “Cosmic Children,” “Super Session,” and “Sea for Yourself.” These titles are just a handful of the numerous titles already available on Vaporvue. The company hopes to continually build the number of available titles, both classics and newly created content.

The Pioneer of an Industry

Opper was one of the pioneers of documenting extreme sports for television. Once again, he is on the pioneering forefront by offering this service. It is difficult for extreme sport enthusiasms to find these movies on cable TV. Vaporvue offers unlimited access anytime, anywhere through on-demand, HD and Internet streaming media. Opper has found a solution for the gap in the entertainment industry market.

Initially, Vaporvue will launch with a Roku TV channel, which is a media player that offers streaming entertainment devices and apps for television. It is also available online at and available on tablets and smartphones. The cost of subscription will be $9.99 per month.

The Changing Entertainment Industry

This is just one more example of the way streaming and subscription services are changing the entertainment industry. More and more consumers are forgoing cable and network television services for streaming through Netflix, Hulu, and the network Internet sites. Players such as Roku feature numerous channels that offer streaming content, both old and newly created. With Vaporvue, Opper has created such a service that focuses on a niche audience: extreme sport enthusiasts. If it is successful, it just might pave the way for similar services for other sports and hobbies.

photo credit: Phillip Rollo

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