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‘Green Exercise’ Contributing To Healthier Children

Posted on: May 11th, 2014 by Pulse


There are a number of reasons that physical activity is an important, and some may argue, necessary element of any child’s life. Children who exercise regularly have less behavior problems and are often shown to exhibit much better academic performance. Many parents and educators alike have recently begun to search for ways to keep kids healthy and active, while instilling a love for exercise.

Several of today’s most popular exercise methods for kids are as environmentally friendly as they are fun. Here are a few types of green exercise that are keeping kids excited to stay physically active.


Family hikes are a very popular and beneficial form of exercise that kids and adults can enjoy together. This is a very green activity because when hikers are respectful of the environment around them, they do little to damage the ecological elements around them. Hiking is a wonderful form of cardiovascular exercise that also strengthens the legs and core. It is an ideal family exercise because it provides a wonderful opportunity for parents to instill in their children a love for the outdoors and a curiosity for the plants and wildlife they encounter along the way.

Scooter and Bike Riding

Riding scooters and bikes is an exhilarating experience that combines cardiovascular exercise with a love for adventure. Riding scooters and bikes as a child can greatly increase one’s chances of using green methods of transportation as they enter adulthood. Scooter and bike riding are also activities that can be done virtually anywhere: from one’s own neighborhood to the streets of a new town.

It can be a fun and truly exciting way of exploring a new city. Riding scooters and bikes is also an ideal way for kids to strengthen their navigation skills as well as their sense of confidence.

Ocean Or Lake Swimming

Swimming is a form of exercise that one can truly engage in through out their entire lives. It is an activity that is fun for kids and encourages them to spend time outdoors. Swimming in an ocean or lake is a particularly green form of exercise because it does not require the use of any chemicals.

Children may be introduced to ocean or lake swimming at a very young age if they are properly supervised and have been equipped with life vests. Kids who are introduced to green water sports at a young age may also be far more likely to enjoy other water sports, such as surfing or water skiing as they get older.

Zip Lining

Zip lining is a sport that is popular in many very lush areas of the world. Zip lining is a very thrilling activity that allows children and their parents to enjoy a truly unique and spectacular view of the world they are exploring. Zip lining presents a very minimal environmental impact, as the equipment used is highly minimal and poses no permanent change to the area it is constructed in.

Zip lining with kids is a wonderful way to introduce the concepts of fun and adventure in exercise and to get them excited about the possibility of thrilling outdoor activities.


Kayaking is a very green sport because it requires the use of no gasoline and allows kids and their parents to explore rivers and creeks while enjoying upper body strengthening. Kayaking can be paired with camping, and many areas offer tours that combine kayaking adventures with overnight camping stays, which can truly excite the imagination of a child and allow them to be introduced to the basics of kayaking. Kayaking is a truly thrilling and challenging activity the whole family can enjoy.

photo credit: FreeWine via photopin cc

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