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Freestyle Scootering From Past To Present

Posted on: April 14th, 2014 by Pulse


Freestyle scootering is a sport that continues to rise in popularity year by year. Like its predecessors BMX biking and skateboarding, freestyle scootering is a sport that started out with a smaller group of avid enthusiasts and has grown as an increasing number of people become aware of the many exciting tricks that can be accomplished on a scooter. Here is a brief history of this ever expanding sport.

A Recreational Tool That Debuted in the 1990’s

The first freestyle scooters were designed by a man named Gino Tsai. His invention was then distributed in conjunction with two companies: Micro Mobility Systems and the JD Corporations. The scooters were then sold at The Sharper Image, a store that specializes in innovative gifts and other objects that are unusual or on the cutting edge.

Soon after their premiere, the scooters experienced wild popularity. In the year 2000, the scooters became a must have for recreational enthusiasts of all ages, and soon, a companies set up a manufacturing facilities across the country and began to produce the scooters in a wide variety of sizes, styles, and price point levels.

Scooters Used For Tricks and Videos

It didn’t take long for scooters to begin to cement their place as yet another popular freestyle sport. Within a year of scooters being available for sale, the first sponsored team had already been formed. This sponsored team began showcasing various tricks, many of which were familiar to fans of skateboarding or biking.

Versions of popular tricks like sliders and tailwhips were modified and took on a whole new form when performed on a scooter. Part of the rise in popularity of freestyle scootering included the release of the first freestyle scooter videos, the very first of which was called Razor Evolution.

Scooter Conventions

Freestyle scootering officially joined the ranks of being a recognized and highly popular sport when the first freestyle scootering convention took place. SD1, freestyle scootering’s first official convention, took place in San Diego, California. The convention, which drew scootering enthusiasts from around the world, continues to enjoy its place as one of the most popular and widely attended freestyle scootering conferences in the world.

One notable change that occurred at the first SD1 was that the form of scooters used in freestyle riding were altered. While the initial versions of the scooters had boards that were hinged and could fold, the scooters introduced at the convention featured “One Piece Decks,” meaning that the decks were comprised of a single metal piece, which continues to be the standard type of deck used for both professional and amateur freestyle scootering.

These decks, which are both lighter and more durable, tend to be better options for freestyle riders hoping to use their scooters to complete a series of tricks that allow them to go airborne or to ride over city terrain like stairs or park terrain like half pipes.

The Rise of Freestyle Scootering Celebrities

As with any major sport, celebrities began to emerge in the field of freestyle scootering. The Nitro Circus Tour, which has enjoyed tremendous popularity around the world for the past several years, helped launch the careers of many extreme athletes who use a wide variety of both conventional and unconventional vehicles to perform adrenaline inducing tricks.

The show, which was very successful as an MTV show, has toured the world to sold out audiences and acted as a wonderful showcase to famed scooter rider Ryan Williams, who is one of many scooter riders making a name for both himself and his sport as the audience for scooter riding continues to widen.

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