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Freestyle Scooter Tricks That Win

Posted on: March 30th, 2014 by Pulse


Freestyle scootering is one of the fastest growing and most exciting sports to have emerged over the last several years. The sport of freestyle scootering is one that is enjoyed by riders of all ages: from young teens to grown adults, and is exhilarating to many because of the many fun and impressive tricks that can be performed while riding.

Here are some of the hottest and most winning scooter tricks taking the freestyle world by storm. It should be noted that these are tricks done by professional scooter riders and should not be attempted by riders who are not adequately prepared.

Double Back Flip

In a double back flip, a rider catches air, usually by riding off the lip of a large ramp or half pipe. While in the air, they engage in two full backwards three hundred and sixty degree turns before sticking a landing.

The double back flip is a very challenging trick for many reasons, not least of which is the fact that a rider must maintain perfect form and control of their scooter while airborne. It is also very important that enough speed and momentum is achieved so that both revolutions can be completed before the rider lands.

21 Stairs

Made popular by a widely published youtube video featuring a number of scooter riders, 21 stairs is a scooter trick that uses park terrain to its fullest. In it, a rider begins to gain momentum several yards away from a set of stairs and then lifts off at the top of the staircase.

While in the air, two turns are done while maintaining enough forward velocity to effectively clear the entire staircase. Finally, at the bottom of the staircase, the scooterer sticks his or her landing, or, at least, ideally they do.

Modified Ollie

Originally a skateboarding trick, and ollie describes a trick wherein a rider leaps off of a surface and becomes airborne with his or her board without the use of their hands. This trick can be somewhat modified in freestyle scootering where a rider uses part of their terrain to gain enough air to lift off completely and then remain airborne with using hands to stay on his or her scooter.

Safety is Always Important, No Matter What Level a Scooterer is At

When trying a new trick or practicing a tried and true go to, it is important for scooter riders of all levels to remember the importance of safety. Even the most experienced of riders take falls from time to time, and the high speeds that scooter rides occur at can lead to severe injuries if a rider is not wearing proper safety equipment.

All freestyle riders attempting tricks of any kind should wear helmets, wrist guards, and knee guards to help protect the head and vulnerable joints.

When Learning  New Tricks, Work Up to Challenging Tricks By Starting With Basic Moves

Many scooter tricks are quite challenging and difficult to master, which is why no freestyle rider has ever started by learning the most challenging trick possible. The best way to gain proficiency in learning tricks is to start with a foundation of mastering the basics. Before a rider can hope to learn back flips, they should make sure that they can successfully clear a ramp and stick the landing.

Skills like this can be practiced almost anywhere, and new riders should not be discouraged by taking spills. It takes time to master the art of almost any trick, and those who are successful continually work at it day in and day out until they have mastered the trick they set out to learn.

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