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Fox V4 Helmet Lives Up to the Hype

Posted on: September 25th, 2014 by Pulse

Motor Cross

People who take part in motocross racing are participating in a strenuous and potentially dangerous competition. And that’s why having a strong, well-designed, and effective helmet is crucial to have when motocross racing. Motocross is a race where motorcycles are ridden on off-roads and done so in all types of demanding terrain and in various types of weather. Motocross was first developed in the United Kingdom and has since grown in popularity and is now practiced in the United States also. Motocross competitions are held internationally and there are variations on the type of competitions there are such as:

  • Freestyle
  • SuperMoto
  • Supercross
  • Sidecarcross

All of these types of competitions need top quality helmets to make sure the competitors are as safe as possible. And recently the Fox V4 helmet has been released to rave reviews. Before it was released a great deal of buzz and anticipation had been built around the Fox V4 Helmet’s imminent release.

Exceeding Expectations

The Fox V4 helmet is one of those rare releases that exceeds the expectations of the waiting consumer. The latest evolution of the V3 helmet, this helmet has been in the works for many years. Reportedly it’s the result of many meticulous years of fine-tuning and testing on various motocross drivers such as Ryan Dungey. Due to the dangerous nature of the motocross competitions, it was imperative that this new release by as safe as possible. Reviewers of the helmet have commented on how it has been an improvement on virtually every aspect of the older version of the helmet.

Benefits Of The Fox V4 Helmet

The Fox V4 helmet has been reported to be exceedingly more comfortable and closer fit than the V3 helmet, as well as having better ventilation. The ventilation is a key improvement, because motocross racers are always riding in long motos and become sweaty. Ventilation will help keep the racer focused and less distracted. Riders will be able to breath better wearing the V4 helmet with the increased amount of ventilation it provides. The helmet, despite all of its protection, is also surprisingly lightweight and is built with a carbon composite shell composition. The carbon composite of the helmet also helps the rider absorb any blows to the head as a result of racing. This must be a welcome innovation from motor racers, who have to carry the helmet on their head during long rides.

The general high quality of the craftsmanship has also been lauded by reviewers, who also appreciate the quality of the artistically crafted design. The visor is extremely well-made, built with a combination of mesh and carbon fiber and is well integrated into the helmet. The EPS liner also enhances the comfort of the helmet, which makes the layer against the head more comfortable to the rider. Besides this, the helmet comes in four sizes, so that no matter what size a person’s head is, one will be able to find a V4 helmet that fits well.

Already a who’s who of motocross racers are using the Fox V4 helmet, such as Ryan Dungey, Chad Reed, and Jeff Emig. Besides the impressive visual design of the helmet, it’s great that the efficacy and safety of these helmets continue to innovate on a regular basis. Serious head injuries in motocross and similar sports has to be one of the greatest worries that these riders face, and with the Fox V4 helmet they now have a piece of equipment that will help them stay safer and more comfortable during long, uncomfortable races. Because it’s an international sport, riders from all across the world will benefit from the latest Fox helmet, and the sport appears to be still growing in popularity.

photo credit: thomasrdotorg via photopin cc

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