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Flyboarding Set to be the Next Big Sport

Posted on: September 29th, 2014 by Pulse

Ever want to swim like a dolphin? Now people can experience the water like a dolphin in a way that they never have before with flyboarding. A video on YouTube with over thirteen million views vividly demonstrates how fun flyboarding can be. It looks like water skiing, except amped up, and people are flying through the air, diving into the water, and swimming through it with the speed and grace of a dolphin, before being shot in the air again. For people who enjoy activities in the water, particularly physical ones, this appears to be the next big sport.

What Is Flyboarding?

physical strength to flyboard

When someone is flyboarding it’s the equivalent of being attached to a water jet pack. The water jet pack is attached to a personal water craft, and then the person in the water is attached to the flyboard and the personal water craft by a long hose. With the boat supplying the propulsion, the jet nozzles provide the pressure to push a person straight into the air and then to dive into the water.

Previously, people who enjoyed the water have engaged in such activities as tubing, where they are dragged through the water on an inner tube. Or they had water skied, which involved a person being dragged on a boat standing on water skis, and holding on to a rope attached to the boat. Those activities have been going on for many many years. But flyboarding is the latest major innovation in water sports, and is set to make a major impact. A recently new invention, it was created by Franky Zapata in 2011 and was presented to the public in 2012. Shortly afterwards the YouTube video was posted, that makes flyboarding look unbelievably fun and amazing. People have responded and since then flyboarding has continued to grow in popularity.

Flyboarding Requires Coordination And Training

But as fun as flyboarding as looks, people can’t just start flyboarding without any previous training. In fact people who want to flyboard have to undergo a training session and sign a liability release, so that they can’t sue the flyboard creators if an accident were to occur.

As amazing as flyboarding looks on the video, reportedly it doesn’t take much physical strength to flyboard, but rather proper instruction and physical coordination. So although one must be eighteen years or older to flyboard, physical size and strength shouldn’t be a major factor for who can enjoy flyboarding. There is also no limit on how much someone weighs to flyboard, making it an activity that can be enjoyed by a wide range of people. Typically rented out, it can also be purchased by people who want to engage in the activity on a regular basis.

Since being introduced to the public by Franky Zapata, flyboarding has steadily increased in popularity. Besides the United States, it has also become popular in the UK and is rented out for:

  • Corporate parties
  • Family vacations
  • Birthday parties
  • College parties

The appeal of becoming a living aquaman has proven to capture the imagination of many. And besides the recreational aspect, the first flyboarding competitions have also been held. The first one was held in Doha, Qatar as well as the second one. This appears to be an annual event, and as the popularity of flyboarding continues to grow more competitions will probably be held in the future. People who have tried flyboarding for the first time, says it takes a couple attempts to relax, but once one does then the first time being shot six feet in the air is exhilarating and exciting. And with wetsuits, people can experience flyboarding throughout the year. It’s already being hailed as the future of water sports.

photo credit: okebaja via photopin cc

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