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Five Reasons Why Every Kid Should Have A Scooter

Posted on: July 20th, 2013 by Pulse No Comments

Five Reasons Why Every Kid Should Have  A ScooterAlmost every day, whether a person is living in the suburbs or the city, he will see a kid whizzing by on a scooter. He will take for granted the sight, until he has kids of his own, and witnesses the joy and freedom that kid scooters provides for his child. And then he will understand firsthand why every kid should have a scooter. To be even more specific, here are five reasons why having a scooter should be required for every kid. While scooters, of course, can and should be enjoyed by both boys and girls, in this list boys will be the focus.

One: Having a Scooter is Fun!

Young boys are notorious for always wanting to be active and stimulated. Whether they want to go exploring in a nearby forest or just go outside and somehow get dirty, they are always seeking an adventure. What better way to help him have some fun, then by giving him a scooter? Immediately, he will be transported into another world while fearlessly riding his new form of transportation! Every father wants his kid to have as much fun as possible, while growing up, and a scooter is the perfect answer. The kid will be having fun, while also engaging in a safe activity!

Two: Riding A Scooter Promotes Physical Activity

Young boys are notorious for loving video games and being on the internet. Unfortunately, in this sedentary society, any activity that promotes getting exercise and spending time outside is valuable. But a boy won’t be coerced away from the sofa playing his favorite video game, unless he has a better choice offered to him. This is where the scooter comes in. He can leave the quiet of the house and set off on a fun new adventure in the sun, and the scooter will be what got him outside!

Three: He’ll Be The Envy Of All His Friends

While parents might not like to admit it, most parents secretly want to be the “cool” parent. This is the parent that his kids’ friends wish were their parent – at least for a day. And a great way to get “cool” points is for a kid to have a scooter. Then the kid will have a magical and fun device that will be the envy of all his friends. He can ride his scooter in front of his friends, zooming past them while they slowly trudge down the street after him. He will be the coolest kid on the block.

Four: He Can Travel Faster

Anywhere the kid wants to go, whether it’s to a friend’s house, or down the street to pick up a loaf of bread, the scooter will make the trip faster. This might even benefit the parent eventually when he wants his kid to run some errands for him. So his son is not just having fun, but also being more useful in the process!

Five: The Girls Will Dig Him

Now depending on the boy’s age, he might not exactly be into girls yet. But even if he isn’t interested in dating, it never hurts to have girls digging his cool moves! Girls tend to like two types of guys: guys who are athletes and guys who are musicians. In this case, a boy can show off his awesome athleticism cruising on a scooter. To gain even more bonus points with the girls, he can even let them take a ride on the scooter once he’s done showing off!

All jokes aside, the bottom line is that kid scooters provide physical and mental  stimulation. Like playing basketball or going to summer camp, riding a scooter is a part of a fun and memorable childhood. It’s also safe and wholesome fun! To talk more scooters connect with Pulse Scooter on Google+.

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