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5 Celebrities Who Love Extreme Sports

Posted on: June 5th, 2014 by Pulse

Extreme Sport


Being a celebrity can be hard work. Between press junkets, time on the red carpet, and hours spent on set, some of the entertainment industry’s most successful stars have to find a way to burn off some steam. Many of these stars choose to unwind by indulging in their adrenaline junkie side. Here are five celebrities who love extreme sports.

1. Kate Hudson

The lovely daughter of stars Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell and romantic comedy queen in her own right is more than just a leading lady. She is also a force to behold when it comes to hitting the slopes. The self-proclaimed adrenaline junkie loves to ski and has enjoyed taking on courses with jumps or steep slopes since she was seventeen years old. She has also dabbled in a number of other extreme sports, including shark diving and bungee jumping, but nothing compares to the passion she has for skiing.

2. Jack Osborne

The musician and son of famed Black Sabbath front man Ozzy Osborne may have struggled with being physically inactive in the past, but he is now constantly on the go and hungry to find new types of adventure. The young star is a licensed skydiver and also frequently bungee jumps as well as climbs mountains both in a climbing gym and outdoors. He loves any activity that allows him to go fast and get his heart racing. His quest for adventure has brought him all around the world, and he has run with the bulls in Spain, white water rafted in Africa, and run a 150 mile super marathon through the Sahara jungle – just to name a few of his impressive and exciting treks.

3. Richard Branson

The business mogul and owner of Virgin records and airlines has found many exhilarating ways to spend his fortune. Branson, in addition to being known as one of the best party hosts of the rich and famous, Branson seems to feel most at home when he is as far into the atmosphere as possible. Branson regularly skydives and base jumps and is constantly raising the bar in terms of ways in which he can seek an airborne thrill. Branson spends so much time in the air, that passengers on his airline may not be surprised to see the mogul flying by the window on one of their flights.

4. Gordon Ramsey

When he’s not crafting delicious food, he’s finding new ways to burn the calories in it. Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsey knows his way around a race course almost as well as a kitchen. He is a distance runner and likes to run races with his wife. He has run in the London marathon a number of times and is constantly in a state of preparing to run an extreme distance. Ramsey enjoys the physical and mental elements of running, and echoes the view of many runners that distance running is an extreme sport that encourages one to constantly push themselves to the limit.

5. Leonardo DiCaprio

Critically acclaimed leading man Leonardo DiCaprio may be known for his excellent acting, but he is also a formidable force on the race track. The actor has a passion for racing cars and races in Los Angeles and at tracks all over the world. Though he is not as avid of a scuba diver, DiCaprio did test his threshold for fear by going shark diving once, an activity that became more adrenaline inducing than he’d planned when DiCaprio’s cage was attacked by a deadly Great White shark. It seems as though Leo will be sticking to the wheel of a car the next time he craves adventure.

Aaron Fortheringham Adds Resilience To Nitro Circus Roster

Posted on: May 7th, 2014 by Pulse

The Nitro Circus Tour is one of the most successful and popular franchises in the world of extreme sports. Having gained tremendous popularity as an MTV show, and then feature film, the Nitro Circus Tour performs in countries all over the world to sold out crowds.

What separates the Nitro Circus from other forms of live sporting events is its tendency toward unconventional events and a highly creative use of various pieces of equipment. The daring athletes of the Nitro Circus Tour have enjoyed much praise for their brave and awe inspiring tricks, and one athlete who has impressed audiences across the world has been Aaron Fotheringham.

Aaron Fotheringham: An Athlete With Dimension

Aaron Fotheringham is an extreme athlete who uses his wheelchair to perform jaw dropping and  exciting tricks. The 23 year old athlete has spina bifida, which he has had his entire life. He has used a wheel chair since age three and has been performing tricks in his chair since he was very young. Aaron first began to experiment with doing tricks in his wheelchair when he was very young and at a BMX park with his brother.

After becoming fascinated with watching BMX tricks, Aaron took the advice of his older brother and began experimenting with using his chair to perform tricks at the park. Fotheringham immediately fell in love with doing tricks and began to practice and learn new tricks day in and day out.

Customized Equipment

Now an integral part of the Nitro Circus Team, Fotheringham, like many of his fellow athletes, uses equipment that helps him maximize the degree to which he can perform tricks. Fotheringham uses a chair that is as lightweight as possible. His chair is customized and made by a company called Box Wheelchairs. It is ideal for doing tricks and performing because of the fact that it is lightweight and aerodynamic and that it uses four wheel suspension.

The fact that Fotheringham’s wheelchair is designed to be so versatile makes it a piece of equipment that allows him to perform tricks in it that are similar to many of the tricks that are done by athletes on bikes or skateboards. The suspensions on the wheels help lessen the impact of landings after high speed tricks. After having enjoyed the benefits of using a performance chair, Fotheringham has also begun to work with Box Wheelchairs to develop chairs that can be used in the real world by those looking for a more durable char.

An Impressive Career


Fotheringham is certainly  a valuable asset to the Nitro Circus team, not only because of the tricks he performs with them, but also because of his impressive track record away from the Nitro Circus. He regularly competes in BMX competitions, and often goes head to head with traditional BMX riders.

Safe Practicing

Like many professional extreme athletes, Fotheringham has suffered a substantial number of injuries while in the process of learning new tricks. He reports that he has broken elbows and suffered a number of other injuries while practicing, and strongly recommends that athletes at all levels of the sport wear a helmet. When learning a new trick, Fotheringham starts out by doing it over a foam pit, where the risk of injury is low.

Once he has begun to feel comfortable at the foam pit, he moves on to doing the trick over a ‘resi,’ which is a hard plastic sheet that is placed over the cushions, and which more closely simulates the actual experience of landing. Finally, Fotheringham begins to do the trick over an actual skateboard ramp, which is how it is done in performances.