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Electric Scooter Modding is the Next Big thing for the Industry

Posted on: October 23rd, 2014 by Pulse

Scooter Modding

Modding is a term that means, “modifying,” basically doing things on your own to change the basic make up of your machine.  You could just passively sit by and passively accept the scooter based on what the manufacture has set up for you, or you could use your own creativity and knowledge to really make your scooter your own.

Popular things that get the modification treatment include ways to improve the looks, functionality, or power of your scooter.  So whether you want something that will stand out from the crowd, get more power and speed then other peoples, or find a way to adjust the scooter to fit your needs and wants, modding is something you can explore.  Modding has some exciting potential for the scooter industry, because it can helping people customize their scooters into something that better reflects their unique personalities, stand out from the crowd, and better reflect personal needs.

Changing the physical appearance 

The most obvious way to do this is with changing the paint color and trim work, giving scooters a unique customizable look, simply coloring pink, black, or blue, or orange, or painting your own pattern can give your scooter a unique look.  But that is really only the beginning. The blog Pink Tentacle has revealed several ways that scooter drivers have given their vehicles a totally new body.  Changing the frame, putting in under-lights, putting in a stylized large exhaust pipe are just some of the possibilities that can give your scooter a whole new look, more then fully capable of competing for awesomeness among cars and motorcycles.

Adding storage capacity, and other things that can increase functionality

Perhaps less glamorous, but more useful, depending on what you are looking for, there are a variety of ways to mod a scooter to add features that can give you a more comfortable and convenient ride.  Backrests can be added to seats, cup holders or music playing systems can be attached, or you can increase your storage space in the back.  This can allow your scooter to become a part of your life, allowing it to replace your car as a convenient way to get around.  Some things, like bigger rear view mirrors, adding reflective tape, and placing a third break light on the back, can increase the scooter’s safety and make riding it a more pleasant hobby.

Improving performance and raising speed

Ok – here’s where we get to some of the good stuff, where the sky really is the limit.  There are a variety of ways to alter a scooter to make them run better, go faster, or have more power, giving you a more extreme and satisfying ride. One option is to “derestrict” an engine, taking out the variomatic ring  that is getting in the way of allowing the engine transmission from reaching the maximum gear ratio. This will greatly maximize the top speed of the engine, allowing you to go faster then ever before.  For your own safety, please obey all speed limit laws, but it can still be pretty satisfying to know you’re machine can be pushed to greater limits.

Other modifications you can try include replacing the carbonator with a more modern, efficient, and more environmentally friendly electric fuel injection.  This can allow you to use a lot less gas, and be less likely to break down over time.

There are a wide variety of possibilities of how you can change a scooter to truly make it yours. While some might require some fancy mechanical skill and specialized tools, others can be done relativity simple by yourself.  Moding opens up a whole new world for scooters, because it will guarantee no one but you will be riding what you’ve got.

photo credit: tokyoscooter via photopin cc

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