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Music Festival Encourages Combating Pollution And Waste Reduction

Posted on: July 29th, 2013 by Pulse No Comments

Electric Forest Music Festival

Deep in the forests of Michigan, a music festival has been taking place, in the same vein as Coachella or Bonnaroo. The festival is called Electric Forest and takes place in the Sherwood Forest (yes, that really is the name of the forest) for four days. First launched in 2011, it’s located in Rothbury, Michigan, and has become a success.

It is also a multi-genre event, as opposed to being centered around one specific genre of music. With over one hundred artists performing at the event, it has an eclectic lineup of bluegrass, folk, and alternative bands. Attendees are encouraged to discover new music, eat delicious food, and rock out for four joyful days. The goal is to create a temporary utopian magical forest.

Commitment To Sustainability

But what sets this festival apart from the average music festival is its commitment to  sustainability, encouraging waste reduction and lowering pollution. Their commitment is impressive, and the festival also has a great many perks, including food catered by Top Chef winner Hosea Rosenberg and a jam-packed list of musical performers, some of whom have included Tiesto, Bass Nectar, Skrillex, and Santigold.

They also run a food drive at the festival, where attendees are encouraged to donate non-perishable food items, which will be donated to local food pantries. The festival is a cool combination of music, food, and sustainability, geared towards a young crowd. Attendees have also noted how friendly everyone is and how easy it is to meet new people, with such activities like yoga, meditation, and hacky sack to engage in between music acts.

Encourage Waste Reduction

Electric Forest has recently stepped up their bid to encourage waste reduction, by launching an initiative called Electrology. The Electrology program is a points system implemented to get people to recycle more, and use alternative forms of transportation such as electric scooters to combat air pollution.

These are all called green deeds and the more people accumulate Electrology points, the more then can redeem them for merchandise or other prizes at the Electrology store. Either way, whether there is an incentive program or not, being green should be a reward in itself. But attendees are encouraged to track their green deeds for chances to win signed merchandise and other prizes.

Some ways that the festival suggests people can be green is:

  • Bringing reusable plates, water bottles, and coffee mugs to the festival
  • Carpooling with friends to reduce gas emissions
  • Picking up any trash you see, even if it’s not yours
  • Using sustainable products

Valiant Effort

The lessons that Electric Forest so valiantly try to teach can be implemented in people’s everyday lives also. For example, finding an alternative form of transportation should be a great option for most everyone. Many alternatives to driving cars exist, from as simple as walking, to using bikes or street legal electric scooters. All of these modes of transportation can be used to lower the amount of time spent driving a car. The reward will be clean, fresh air that is healthy to breathe that isn’t filled with dangerous pollutants.

Additionally, sustainable products can be incorporated more in everyday life. There are tons of sustainable products out there, and with a little research they can be added to the household, such as biodegradable soaps. Don’t ever underestimate how doing small things can add up over time.

Success Since Inception

Electric Forest has been a great success since its inception in 2011, which shows how powerful and welcome their message has been. There have been thousands of people who have attended the festival in the forest, with over thirty thousand estimated during the 2013 event.  People from all over the country traveled to attend the event and the festival is expected to be held once again in 2014.

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