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3 Wheeled Scooters: An Easy Exercise Solution

Posted on: October 4th, 2013 by Pulse No Comments

3 Wheeled Scooters An Easy Exercise SolutionWhen people think of scooters they usually think of the usual 2 wheeled versions. However, there is another version that is also an easy exercise solution for kids and the parents who want their kids to get off of the computer. The 3 wheeled scooter provides the same amount of fun and entertainment that a 2 wheeled scooter provides, but with added safety and stability because of the extra wheel.

Added Balance And Safety
The 3 wheeled scooter has two wheels in the front providing extra balance and stability for the user. This can be particularly valuable for a kid who is just riding a scooter for the very first time. Safety is always of the utmost concern to parents when figuring out ways their kids can get exercise. Riding a 3 wheeled scooter is an easy solution, because it provides the added stability of having three wheels. Some 3 wheeled scooter also have an anti-slip deck so that it will be easier for the kid to keep his feet in place.

Sometimes Kids Want Variety
Even as much as kids may love their 2 wheeled scooters, like most people they want variety in their lives. Over time, a kid may enjoy trying different types of scooters and want ones that provide a different experience. Since the parents already knows that their kid enjoys riding a scooter, investing in a 3 wheeled scooter is an easy and effective solution. A scooter with three wheels adds another fun alternative to the pastime of riding a scooter in an innovative and fun way for the kid. The scooter will be something the kid will want to show off to his friends and use on a regular basis.

Scooters Get The Kids Outside And Off The Computer
The amount of activities a kid can do in front of a computer keeps growing and growing, from checking and updating his Facebook status, to playing online games, kids can spend hours on their computers isolated from the world. Scooters are an easy solution to get the kid off of the computer, because the parent doesn’t have to plan some time-consuming activity or get a group of kids together to play a group sport. All the kid has to do is put on a helmet and some safety pads and hop on his scooter. And when he has a 3 wheeled scooter to add to the fun, it only adds more incentive to play outside, and not isolate himself from the outside world.

Scooters Make A Great Christmas Gift
Parents are always looking for that special gift that will really excite their kid. Kids may not know this about their parents, but seeing them happy is one of the great joys of a parent’s life. A 3 wheeled scooter is an exciting gift for any young kid. Better than getting a new t-shirt or other predictable holiday gifts, a scooter is an age-appropriate gift that anyone from age eight and up can enjoy safely. The 3 wheels offer an extra measure of safety and the parents can even try it out if they’re interested in seeing what their kids like to do.

For parents looking for an easy and effective exercise solution for their kid, 3 wheeled scooters are an excellent choice. The scooter is also exceedingly affordable and is something that a kid can use for years and years to come. Scooters are an easy and fun way to get kids off of their computers and go outside. Safe to use and exciting to ride, scooters add welcome variety to a kid who enjoys a new challenge. The main goal is to consistently encourage physical activity and an active lifestyle!

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