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Dakota Schuetz Teaches Fans in La Jolla

Posted on: June 29th, 2013 by Pulse No Comments

Dakota SchuetzDakota Schuetz is the world professional scooter champion and he recently visited the Scooter Garage in La Jolla where many of his young fans were able to meet him.  The kids who look up to him were able to learn a few of the tricks that the does like a double whip or a bride flip.

Dakota is sponsored by kick scooter companies and wins almost every scooter contest that he enters.  The kids who come into Scooter Garage were able to get autographs and watch demonstrations of tricks as he explained how they are done step by step to them.

It can be a great moment for young kids to meet the athlete that they look up to and idolize in their sport.  With Dakota Schuetz’s visit to La Jolla a group of kids were able to learn from him and get the encouragement they need to keep working on their sport.

Whenever a kid is learning to progress with their hobby they often use professional athletes as inspiration.  Knowing that their idol is down to earth and wants to meet with them can keep them motivated to learn more scooter tricks and continue doing what they are most interested in.


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