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Folsom ‘Cyclebration’ Celebrates Scooters, Bikes And More

Posted on: October 29th, 2013 by Pulse No Comments

Folsom ‘Cyclebration’ Celebrates Scooters, Bikes And More

Folsom’s ‘Cyclebration’ has been called Northern California’s most family-friendly weekend of bicycle riding in northern California. Folsom is a city located in Sacramento, California that is known for having a very low crime rate and family friendly events such as the ‘Cyclebration.’ The crime rate of Folsom is touted as one of the lowest in the state of California.The event encourages families to get everyone together and enjoy riding scooters, bikes, and other activities like treasure hunts. ‘Cyclebration’ takes place in September and even offers free bicycle parking for attendees.

A Variety Of Sponsors Offer Support
This annual event has attracted big name sponsors like Whole Foods, and has a variety of other sponsors like Capitol Adventure, Kinetic Cycles, and Bicycle Planet. With the emphasis on bikes and other alternative forms of transportation like scooters, sponsors are showing great support promoting a large-scale event based around physical fitness and going green.

Air Pollution Growing More Deadly And Dangerous
Folsom ‘Cyclebration’ is a particularly welcome event, because of the growing dangers air pollutants pose to a healthy environment. Reports show that high levels of air pollution damages the hearts and lungs of the people who breath in the air. This can contribute to diminished lung function and coughing and wheezing in otherwise normally healthy people. The negative effects also apply to nature and is detrimental to maintaining an earth that is hospitable to all living creatures, not just humans.

Promoting Alternative Forms Of Transportation
The city of Folsom shows an admirable commitment to physical health and being environmentally conscious. They combine that commitment with ensuring the younger generation is involved in the activities. ‘Cyclebration’ has even identified various ways people can get around without cars, such as the:

• Regional Transit
• Folsom Stage Line
• Sacramento Regional Transit
• Scenic Attractions
• Folsom Chamber

‘Cyclebration’ Offers Many Fun Events:
The variety and range of events makes it appealing to kids and adults. This is especially great for parents who are always looking for activities that will be enjoyable for both parties. An added bonus are the cash prizes and awards for people who participate in the events. ‘Cyclebration’ features events like:

The Fam Jam: An event where the participants will practice tricks and flips into an inflatable airbag that is safe for people of all ages to try. The airbag provides a soft landing that will provide a safe fall no matter how crazy the trick is that’s attempted.

Cyclocross Race: Participants will have to ride across an obstacle course that includes a fire road and sand barriers. This will be challenging and fun for someone wanting to test their fitness limits on a bike.

Kayaking: And for people who might need to take a break from all the biking, kayaking is also available for those who are interested. This is another great way for a family to enjoy an activity together, where everyone big and small can participate.

Scootering: Another form of viable green transportation is scootering. This activity can also by enjoyed by anyone who has a scooter. Riding a scooter is a fun way to get around that doesn’t involve gas and is environmentally friendly. And although many people might not realize it, a dazzling array of tricks can be performed on the scooter too, for any kid looking to push the limits of his talents.

Folsom’s ‘Cyclebration’ has proven to be a success, with the local community embracing the event and families coming out to enjoy the festivities together. Kids love to ride their bikes and participate in treasure hunts that are also held. There has been a lot of positive feedback from adults who have attended who have noted that they now love riding their bikes more than they ever have before.

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