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Cross Country Scooter Ride Raises Awareness For Homelessness

Posted on: April 10th, 2014 by Pulse


Dan Emery and Miles Cheung, two men from Augusta, Maine are raising money and awareness for hunger in quite an adventurous and unusual fashion. Emery and Cheung are taking a trip across the continental United States on motor scooters as a means of exploring agricultural solutions for hunger and raising awareness for a problem that strikes millions of people every day.

A Long Trip With an Important Message  

The two scooter enthusiasts will spend 48 weeks on the open road. As they take their time exploring the diverse landscapes that the United States has to offer, the pair hopes to garner some media attention in each region, and thus raise awareness for a the cause that is so near to them.

Trip Will Focus on Solutions as Well as Awareness

As Cheung and Emery travel on their scooters, they will be doing more than just bringing attention to hunger: they will be exploring real practical solutions for delivering food to those in need. Many of these solutions are based around innovative and potentially highly effective programs, such as gardens within schools or shared gardens in urban settings. These highly sustainable modes of combating hunger will focus on education and helping to spread knowledge surrounding basic agricultural techniques in the form of gardening, agriculture, and edible landscape classes.

Scooter Visits Will Be Targeted Toward Relevant Areas

Stops on the trip will almost exclusively be centered around areas and organizations who play an integral role in the fight to end hunger. These locations and organizations will include food banks, Rotary Clubs, homeless shelters, and community based credit unions. Cheung and Emery hope that by partnering with like-minded organizations, they will be able to affect real and significant change at a grassroots level across the entire nation.

Many of the organizations they will be working with have long been active in the fight against hunger and may greatly benefit from some of the publicity and social media attention garnered by the two scooter riders as they make their epic journey from state to state.

The Importance of Ending Hunger

Ending hunger is a goal that Emery, Cheung, and a great number of other socially conscious individuals feel very passionate about for a number of reasons. Emery has noted that ending hunger is an integral part of addressing other issues, especially as they relate to children and students because of the fact that when a child is hungry they are essentially incapable of effectively studying or paying attention in school.

Failure to be engaged in academics is related to a number of serious challenges later in life, including a risk of dropping out and facing lower pay and even joblessness and homelessness. Many parents of hungry children may be at a loss as to finding ways to end the vicious cycle of poverty, and a renewable, maintainable, agriculturally based solution may provide a real and long term solution to the debilitating problem of hunger.

The duo seems poised to be part of a year that will certainly be both memorable and effective.

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