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College Student Breaks World Record For Scooter Relay

Posted on: June 17th, 2014 by Pulse
Scooter Relay World Record Holder

photo credit: pennsylvaniamentor via photopin cc

A team of students at Messiah College in Pennsylvania are working on more than just acing their finals this year: the young students have set what looks to be the world record for Longest Scooter Relay. This feat, of course required the help of quite a large relay team, but students including Mitchell Kauffman, Brandon Straley, Jordon Schoenberger Forrest Evans, Kyle Tolbert, Alex Roth, Greg Talamo, Nolan Goss, Heremy White, Devin Esch, Shaun Egolf, Matthew Phillippy, Daniel Vivolo, and Jason Yoder have banded together to make their dream of being Guinness World Record holders a reality.

Relaying for a Cause

In addition to relaying for the thrill of beating the world record, the Messiah students used the relay as a chance to raise money and awareness for the Living Legacy Foundation, which is a Maryland-based organization devoted to helping connect those who are in critical need of an organ donor with organs from individuals who have designated themselves as organ donors. While setting the record, the students raised an impressive $8000 dollars for the organization through the site, which allows fundraisers to raise money in a situation where all of the funds donated go directly to the person or organization they are intended for. Though the team has already set the record, they are continuing to raise money for the cause as they continue to receive more and more attention around their record.

A True All-Nighter

The relay team took a full 24 hour period to beat the world record, in a ride that started at 10am on May 17th, 2014 and lasted until 10am on May 18th 2014. In total, this 24 hour period was enough time for the riders to log an impressive 344 miles at the Yellow Breaches Sports Center in New Cumberland, PA. This is a full 8 miles more than the previous record of 336 miles. The record was accomplished by the team over the course of many 100 meter sprints, which were switched off between the 25 riders.

A Grueling Physical Challenge

One of the event organizers, a Messiah student named Ben Baker, described the relay as “Probably the hardest thing that every single one of us has probably done, and a lot harder than we thought it would be. It was very physically grueling,”. Once team members set the goal of breaking the record, they all got scooters and rode them as often as they could around the streets of their college town. Most scooter riding enthusiasts report that the sport does in fact provide a healthy dose of cardio, and riding at that pace for that amount of time certainly would be universally recognized as a major feat. Baker also recalled his thoughts during the difficult process of completing the relay race, stating, “Once you got into it, you thought, ‘I’m not going to put myself in this kind of pain and not beat this record,”. Many of the team members’ class mates took interest in their bid to break the record, and by the end of the race there was a crowd of students watching as the team scootered their way to world record victory.

Waiting on Official Word From Guinness

Though the record has not been officially certified by the Guinness Book of World Records, the record was certainly broken and the team is in the process of making sure that their work is properly noted. In the mean time, the Living Legacy Foundation is enjoying both the publicity and the donations that these dedicated athletes have worked so hard and so tirelessly to raise.

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