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Chinese Farmer Converts Suitcases Into Scooters

Posted on: June 10th, 2014 by Pulse

Perhaps few fields are seeing more innovation and ingenuity than the field of transportation. Particularly as many urban areas become more heavily populated and gas prices continue to rise, many commuters are looking for ways to make their traveling needs as cost effective and environmentally friendly as possible. One man in China has shown that there is truly no end to the level of creativity that can go into finding modes of transportation. He has used a suitcase to construct a street ready scooter.


Building a Scooter Out Of a Suitcase

He Liang, the inventor of the motorized suitcase, is a farmer in China who hails from the Hunan region. He made a scooter out of one of his old suitcases, which means that in addition to being a means of getting from one destination to another, his unique vehicle serves as a way of storing important objects. This makes it extremely economical from a space saving perspective and also makes for a sleek and streamlined vehicle that ways in at just 16 pounds. Liang is reported to have spent an impressive ten years developing his suitcase scooter which features a navigation system. The scooter is powered by a small rotary switch on the vehicle’s handlebars, which are also quite small. The handle bars are also the location of a set of brakes.

The Suitcase Scooter as a Means of Transportation

Liang’s suitcase scooter may be as useful to him as it is eye-catching. He is able to take the suitcase for rides as fast as twenty miles per hour, which makes it an ideal vehicle for surface streets, even if the light weight contraption is not suitable for fast moving traffic. This is a wonderful invention for transportation in rural areas or even in heavily populated areas where drivers may simply never reach high speeds because of the amount of traffic on the roads. The suitcase can be used for many average weight adults, and may be able to carry even two less than average weight passengers.

An Idea That May Literally Take Off

If more people take note of the unusual scooter, Liang might have quite a successful business venture on his hands. He owns the patent to the design for the unique scooters and could soon find himself making custom scooters that may seem like they belong on a baggage carousel but which actually are perfectly suited for roads.

The Benefits of Scooter Riding In Today’s World

While many people may not have found quite as creative a way of getting from place to place, the use of scooters for commuting has certainly been on the rise for the past several years. Many people enjoy riding scooters because it provides them an opportunity to take part in an exhilarating recreational activity that allows them to fully take in their surroundings while on the way to work or school. People with demanding jobs may find that their schedules do not allow them as much free time to engage in recreational activities as they would like, and using a scooter to commute gives them the chance to multi-task by having fun while getting where they need to go. Many scooter riders also enjoy scooter commuting because of the immense savings they enjoy on fuel costs. Scooters require much less fuel than cars, and in an age where gas prices seem to be constantly on the rise, the use of a scooter even a couple of days a week can mean tremendous savings on the price of gas. Using less gas of course also means helping the environment.

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